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iSpring #CKC1C Portable Clear Single-Stage Countertop SystemModel: CKC1C
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iSpring #CKC1C  Portable Clear Single-Stage Countertop System
iSpring #CKC1C  Portable Clear Single-Stage Countertop System
iSpring #CKC1C  Portable Clear Single-Stage Countertop System
iSpring #CKC1C  Portable Clear Single-Stage Countertop System
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Product Features

iSpring Portable Single-Stage Countertop System generates clean water from tap. The unit removes sediment and rust, chlorine taste and odor, scale, and many other water impurities. If you are looking for a basic, effective water filter to treat micro-organisms, chlorine, bad tastes and odors, this filter is for you.

Product Highlights

  • High quality coconut carbon filter removes sand, silt, sediment, and rust from your drinking water
  • Reduces the taste and odor of chlorine
  • Clear housing makes it so visible when the filters need to be replaced!
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Great for places where space is limited
  • Comparing to Watts 500315

Installation Hardware

  • Diverter Valve, Wrench and manual

Specifications & Dimensions

  • Water Source: Chlorinated or non-chlorinated water supplies
  • System Capacity: 500 gallons per day @ 50/60 psi & 77 deg F
  • Feed Water pH: 3.0 -11.0
  • Feed Water Pressure: 40-95 psi
  • Feed Water Temperature: 40-100 F (4 - 38 C)
  • Max Total Dissolved Solids: 2500 ppm
  • System Package Dimensions(inch): 5w x 5d x 13h
  • System Package Weight : 4 lbs


  • For filter cartridge replacement schedule and price, see Replacement.

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