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iSpring WCS45KG+ WCFM500K Whole House Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Water Filter + Water Softener - Set & Forget (WCS45KG+ WCFM500K)
  • Stage 1: WCFM500K Iron, Manganese, and Hydrogen Sulfide Water Filtration System. It reduces iron (up to 12 ppm), manganese & hydrogen sulfide (up to 20 ppm), solids, and turbidity with 3-micron sediment filtration. Thanks to the automatic media regeneration feature, the system can last for up to 10 years or filters up to 500K gallons of water without the hassle of filter replacements.
  • “Set & Forget'' Digital Control: With the LED screen, once you set your personalized auto-flush intervals depending on your incoming water quality and usage, WCFM500K is maintenance-free ever after, saving you time and money in the long run. It is indeed a silent guard at the point of entry for your entire house on well or city water.
  • Use No Chemicals: With new technology, WCFM500K whole house water filter uses only air for media regeneration. Unlike similar systems from other manufactures, iSpring WCFM500K does not use any oxidizers or chemical feed other than the same air we breathe.
  • Stage 2: WCS45KG Whole House Water Softener with Backwash Feature. This system has a high capacity for treating up to 45,000 grains of hardness. It removes calcium and magnesium from your water at the point of entry, providing you with quality soft water for cooking, bathing and laundry. It can be installed in businesses, institutions, hospitals, schools, and other enterprises.
  • Protect Your Household Appliances and Plumbing from Scale and Expensive Repairs: The WCS45KG whole house water softener descales your entire water system and prevents scale buildup in water heater and pipes.
  • Saves You Salt and Water: The system can calculate and design an economical and effective soft water treatment plan based on the water source and the treated water volume. You can also adjust the hardness of filtered water with this system based on your preference or requirements.
  • Built to Last: The WCS45KG whole house water softener’s automatic backwash and media regeneration feature helps to extend the lifespan of resin and improve the system’s performance without the hassle of manual cleaning. It is equipped with pre-filled, quality ion exchange resin, corrosion-resistant and rust-free fiberglass tank, durable automatic control valve, and 1″ NPT inlet/outlet connector.
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