iSpring UVB11 UV lamp, 11W/1 GPM/5/8" x 8 1/4", Clear

  • Kills 99% of bacteria, virus, and protozoan cysts. Perfect solution to purifying well water and other problem water sources containing excessive microorganisms like water from lakes and streams.
  • 11W Germicidal UV lamp, Philip Brand, Fits iSpring UVF11/UVF11A
  • Approximate dimensions: Dia 5/8" x 8 1/4" L (not including the pins)
  • Flow rate: 1GPM; Last 8,000 hours
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    Product Description

    UV sterilization kills the small percentage of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that could potentially remain in the water after the RO process. Though most municipal water systems do an adequate job of removing organic microorganisms, the UV stage is a must if the source water is coming from a well, lake or stream where microorganisms breed, or other residential uses where bacteria is a concern. Combining a Reverse Osmosis filtration system with UV sterilization provides the most complete method of water purification available. It is recommended that the UV lamp be replaced once a year to ensure optimum performance.

    Why iSpring?

    Located in Alpharetta, Georgia for over a decade, iSpring Water Systems LLC is a family owned company specializing in reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Our products include residential and commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems, whole house water systems, ultrafiltration systems, shower, faucet, and counter top filters, filter cartridges and housings, RO coolers, and kitchen faucets and fittings. Our aim is to make high quality drinking water accessible for all households. With affordable pricing, solid quality, prompt delivery, and top notch customer service, we hope to assist in bringing you great water for years to come.

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    • Model: UVB11
    • Manufacturer: iSpring

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