iSpring SF1W Stylish 5-stage Shower Filter, removes CHLORIDE, LEAD, MERCURY, VOC and 200+ more contaminants, White

  • 5 Stages of filtration combines the strength of different kinds of filtration media
  • Life: 16,000 gallons or 6 months
  • Effective for both hot and cold water
  • Sleek design
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    Product Features

    iSpring 5-stage Shower Filter generates clean water from tap water. The unit removes a variety of contaminants including chlorine, bacteria, arsenic, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), hydrogen sulfide, THMs, MTBEs, VOCs, Chloramine, sodium, nitrate, microorganisms and scale, protecting your hair, skin and over all health. It also reduces limescale, mold and fungi in showers. It also balances pH of the water. If you are looking to make your shower water healthier and cleaner at a reasonable cost, this filter is for you!

    Product Highlights

    • 5 Stages of filtration combines the strength of different kinds of filtration media
    • Life: 16,000 gallons or 6 months
    • Effective for both hot and cold water
    • Sleek design

    What's included

    1st Stage Micro-filtration: Remove sediment, rust, sand, and other solids to protect the filter
    2nd Stage KDF: Remove up to 99% of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, scale and water-soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and iron; kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.
    3rd Stage Patented Filtration Media: removes wide range of contaminants
    4th Stage Coconut shell Activated Carbon: Further remove chlorine, organic contaminants, etc
    5th Stage Micro-filtration: Remove the carbon grains

    Specifications & Dimensions

    • Size: Diameter 3 IN. by 5 IN.
    • Filtration capacity: Life: 16,000 gallons or 6 months
    • Feed Water Temperature: 40 - 104 F
    • Max Total Dissolved Solids: 2,000 ppm
    • System Package Dimensions(inch): 5w x 3.5d x 7h
    • System Package Weight : 2 lbs


    • What is KDF after all?

    KDF was shorthand for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. Zinc and copper are the preferred metals used in the KDF alloy since both are good reducing agents regarding common inorganic contaminants. It effectively removes up to 99% of free chlorine, varying amounts of iron oxides, hydrogen sulfide and small amounts of lead and keeps the unit bacteriostatic.


    It is a toxic, inorganic chemical that kills bacteria and living organic matter, including epidermal (skin) cells and cells within the body. It is a bleaching agent that causes dry skin, brittle hair and has been linked to colon and bladder cancer. When vaporized in a hot shower or bath, it is also an irritant to the lungs and mucous membranes.


    The KDF media is an inhospitable host for E. Coli and Pseudomonas bacteria and will inhibit their growth within the filter. KDF keeps the unit bacteriostatic.

    In the presence of the KDF media and the minute electrical current it generates, small traces of lead and larger amounts of iron oxides literally remove themselves from the water by bonding with the copper and zinc compound, similar to electro-plating. Iron and sulfur readily bond to the media, so much so that if there is an excess of these two elements in the water, the life span of the filter will be slightly shorter, resulting in the need for more frequent cartridge replacements. Models include: HOC, SLC, A1-C, HHC-2, AQ-4125.


    As mentioned above, KDF performs excellently in all our Shower models at removing chlorine and becomes catalyzed in the presence of hot water. It is also a bacteriostatic filtration media that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also helps prevent bacterial growth in carbon filtration media when the two are combined. Activated carbon in our iSpring filter has long been known for its effectiveness at removing chlorine along with a wide spectrum of chemicals including VOCs (volatile organic compounds) including herbicides and pesticides, many of which are carcinogenic.

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    • Model: SF1W
    • Manufacturer: iSpring

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