iSpring SFC01 shower filter cartridge, Replacement

  • Purifies and reduces hard water by removing chlorine, heavy minerals, bacteria, pesticides, and inhibits the growth of scale, algea, mold, and fungi
  • Multi-stage filter combines KDF-55, calcium sulfite, and active carbon to effectively purify both hot and cold water
  • Dramatically improves the condition of your hair, skin, and nails as well as reduces dandruff and eczema
  • Sleek design, available in a white finish
  • DIY installation, fits iSpring Multi-Stage High Output Shower Head Filters. No tools required.
  • Quickly and easily change the replacement cartridge in minutes
  • $15.99
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    Product Description

    Color:Replacement Cartridge

    Pure Water for a Healthier You

    The water you shower in is typically treated with chlorine and other chemicals by your municipal water supply to keep your water safe, but this can actually be harmful when absorbed in large amounts. These chemicals can damage hair, skin, nails, and when inhaled through steam in a hot shower can even irritate your throat and lungs. For sensitive, dry, or damaged skin and hair the iSpring Shower Filter Series is the solution you need.

    Cleaner Water for a Cleaner Shower

    The iSpring SF series will reduce or remove bacteria, organisms, and hard minerals that cause unsightly buildups in your shower or bath. Whether your shower is plastic lined, tile, or stone this filter will help protect your surfaces from the buildup of scum and mold, to keep your shower cleaner for longer.

    iSpring's 5-Stage Replacement Cartridge

    The iSpring SF1S and SF1W replacement cartridge combines KDF-55, calcium sulfite, and activated coconut shell carbon with two layers of micro-filtratration to provide pure water in any temperature.

    First layer of micro-filtration removes sediment, rust, sand, and other solids.

    KDF removes up 99% of chlorine, heavy metals, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

    Calcium sulfite further removes chlorine and heavy metals such as iron, copper, or lead.

    Activated Carbon is effective at removing organic materials, THMs, and even further reduces chlorine.

    Final layer of micro-filtration captures any remaining solids and carbon grains.

    Easy DIY Installation

    The iSpring Shower Filter fits every standard 1/2” shower. It works with handheld, fixed, and rain shower heads. No tools required for installation. Filters last 6-8 months (approx. 16,000 gallons)

    Please Note: You may experience reduced water flow if your source water has high levels of sediment or if you are on well water. It's recommended that you flip the filter cartridge over, flush with hot water to remove sediment and put it back to the original position whenever you notice a reduced flow.
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    • Model: SFC01
    • Manufacturer: iSpring

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