iSpring GA1-SS Stainless Steel Kitchen Bar Sink Reverse Osmosis RO Filtration Drinking Water Faucet, Lead-Free in Stainless Steel Finish

  • Food grade 304 stainless steel construction ensures heavy duty quality and longevity. Anti-Rust, Anti-Corrosion and Water Spot Resistant.
  • 360 degree swivel spout with 90 degree single lever handle offers easy water control. 9" high-rise spout provides enough space for a variety of sink activities in the kitchen.
  • Fit 7/16'' to 7/8'' kitchen sink holes and connects to 1/4'' size tubing. Non air gap RO faucet and cold water supply only.
  • The Package includes faucet, front plate, front washer, wing nut, and quick-connect adapter. No hose included.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priorty. Lifetime technical support provided by our dedicated support team based in in Atlanta, GA at (678) 261-7611.
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    reverse osmosis faucet

    ro faucet

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    Compared with regular brass valve and rubber cartridge, the stainless steel valve provides extreme temperature resistance, corrosion-proof performance, and durability.

    iSpring has been dedicated to providing high quality drinking water to families across the United States since 2005. From various residential water filtration systems that purify your water in everyday life, to drinking water faucets that deliver pure, healthy, and tasty water to you and your family, iSpring strives for high standard products and aims to make excellent drinking water accessible for all households.

    bar sink faucet

    The whole faucet body is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, ensuring that no Rust, no Metal precipitation into the water.

    drinking water faucet

    Smaller body size makes it more suitable for sinks with limited window space. Higher spout makes it convenient for you to get water with cups, coffee pots or cooking utensils.

    water filter faucet

    The recessed groove on the bottom of the faucet prevents the body from shaking due to the movement of the switch, ensuring a stable long-term use of the faucet.

    • ro water filter faucet

      Installation Step 1

      Make sure your countertop has an existing hole with a diameter between 0.5 to 2.0 inches. Remove the old RO faucet if you have one. Wipe clean and dry the area. Slide the front plate onto the faucet stem, followed by the rubber washer. Insert the stem into the hole on the countertop.

    • reverse osmosis water filter system faucet

      Installation Step 2

      Under the sink, slide on the back rubber washer and tight the wing nut. (You may apply a few rounds of Teflon tape to the threads to get a better grip).

    • ro water filtration system faucet

      Installation Step 3

      Slide the push-in fitting up the push-in adapter on the base.

    • reverse osmosis water filtration system faucet

      Installation Step 4

      Insert your water tubing (not provided) about 1/2 inch into the push-in adapter . Connect the water and Inspect carefully for any leaks.

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    • Model: GA1-SS
    • Manufacturer: iSpring

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