GREATWELL Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with 400 GPD RO Filter 1.5:1 Pure to Drain Ratio and Drinking Water Faucet

  • ROG400 is a tankless reverse osmosis system. The vertical filter placement design saves more than 30% of space under the sink compares to a horizontal design. A leak-free integrated water route and filter change indicator.
  • The PAC filter is a combination of two sediment filters and a carbon filter that removes sand, rust, chlorine, odor, and smell. The RO membrane removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, and more for up to 3 years. The AC or the active carbon filter made from coconut shell further polishes water removing odor and bad taste.
  • With a built-in water pump and GE reverse osmosis membrane rated at 400 GPD, the water flow rate from ROG400 is at 0. 3-0. 4 gal./min., with a pure to wastewater ratio (up to 1.5 : 1).
  • DIY installation and future filter replacement. The unit can be connected to the ice maker/refrigerator. It includes an artisan-style stainless steel drinking water faucet.
  • At GreatWell, we only use quality components tested by an independent 3rd party against NSF/ANSI standards. Lifetime technical support provided by our dedicated support team based in Atlanta, GA.
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    • ro water filter system

      Quality Components - Cut No Corners

      All ROG400 parts are manufactured to comply strictly with FDA (CFR-Parts 174) and NSF/ANSI standard (58 for reverse osmosis systems, 2018).
    • Transform your tap water

      Filterd drinking water on demand.

      Greatwell ROG400 is a new generation reverse osmosis water filtration system. It is easy to perform DIY installation, space saving.

    • It is built to meet all of the home water filtration needs and removes contaminants from drinking water.
    • It fits the most critical user-experience requirements for residential hydration demands.
    • The system is built around RO technology that removes more than 1,000 different kinds of contaminants.
    • reverse osmosis water filtration system

      Greatwell PAC composite filter is a 3-in-1 carbon wrap filter that works as a combination of two polypropylene sediment filters and a carbon filter. By combine 3 filters in 1, a PAC filter saves more than 30% of space within the water system and filter replacement cost in the long term. It is designed to remove sand, rust, chlorine, odor, and smell…etc.

    • ROG400’s RO membrane is rated at 400GPD made by GE, which provides up to 40 oz of filtered water within a minute, plus 1.5:1 drain ration. It can removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants including lead, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, and more for up to 3 years.

    • Activated Carbon filter is used to further polishes water to remove odor and bad taste.

    • The stainless Steel inner tube dispenses drinking water through the faucet.  The unit can be connected to the ice maker / refrigerator.

    Highlight Features

    • Simple
      All-in-one and tankless design provides more countertop or under-sink free space. Snap-on filters and system cover provides easy filter replacement.

    • Innovative
      Built-in filter change indicator monitors each individual filter’s life.

    • Thoughtful
      Integrated water route design eliminates leaking concern, minimizes connectors, and simplifies the installation process.

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    • Model: ROG400
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
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