GREATWELL Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with 400 GPD RO Filter 1.5:1 Pure to Drain Ratio and Drinking Water Faucet

  • ROG400 is a tankless reverse osmosis system. The vertical filter placement design saves more than 30% of space under the sink compares to a horizontal design. A leak-free integrated water route and filter change indicator.
  • The PAC filter is a combination of two sediment filters and a carbon filter that removes sand, rust, chlorine, odor, and smell. The RO membrane removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, and more for up to 3 years. The AC or the active carbon filter made from coconut shell further polishes water removing odor and bad taste.
  • With a built-in water pump and GE reverse osmosis membrane rated at 400 GPD, the water flow rate from ROG400 is at 0. 3-0. 4 gal./min., with a pure to wastewater ratio (up to 1.5 : 1).
  • DIY installation and future filter replacement. The unit can be connected to the ice maker/refrigerator. It includes an artisan-style stainless steel drinking water faucet.
  • At GreatWell, we only use quality components tested by an independent 3rd party against NSF/ANSI standards. Lifetime technical support provided by our dedicated support team based in Atlanta, GA.
  • $598.99
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    • ro water filter system

      Quality Components - Cut No Corners

      All ROG400 parts are manufactured to comply strictly with FDA (CFR-Parts 174) and NSF/ANSI standard (58 for reverse osmosis systems, 2018).
    • Transform your tap water

      Filterd drinking water on demand.

      Greatwell ROG400 is a new generation reverse osmosis water filtration system. It is easy to perform DIY installation, space saving.

    • It is built to meet all of the home water filtration needs and removes contaminants from drinking water.
    • It fits the most critical user-experience requirements for residential hydration demands.
    • The system is built around RO technology that removes more than 1,000 different kinds of contaminants.
    • reverse osmosis water filtration system

      Greatwell PAC composite filter is a 3-in-1 carbon wrap filter that works as a combination of two polypropylene sediment filters and a carbon filter. By combine 3 filters in 1, a PAC filter saves more than 30% of space within the water system and filter replacement cost in the long term. It is designed to remove sand, rust, chlorine, odor, and smell…etc.

    • ROG400’s RO membrane is rated at 400GPD made by GE, which provides up to 40 oz of filtered water within a minute, plus 1.5:1 drain ration. It can removes up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants including lead, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, and more for up to 3 years.

    • Activated Carbon filter is used to further polishes water to remove odor and bad taste.

    • The stainless Steel inner tube dispenses drinking water through the faucet.  The unit can be connected to the ice maker / refrigerator.

    Highlight Features

    • Simple
      All-in-one and tankless design provides more countertop or under-sink free space. Snap-on filters and system cover provides easy filter replacement.

    • Innovative
      Built-in filter change indicator monitors each individual filter’s life.

    • Thoughtful
      Integrated water route design eliminates leaking concern, minimizes connectors, and simplifies the installation process.

    • Availability: In Stock
    • Model: ROG400
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
    SteveR | 4 out of 5 Stars!

    I decided to replace my 20+ year old RO unit with a new tankless model. When researching and shopping I found only two good products out there: the ROG4000 and the Waterdrop WD-G3-W tankless system. I chose the ROG400 partly because of the lower cost and partly due to its dimensions fitting better under my sink. Installing the ROG400 took much longer than expected, somewhere in the 2+ hour range, in part because I had to remove the garbage disposal to install the faucet. Plus I chose a corner opening on the sink which required me to remove a wooden corner brace on the cabinet. Once installed the system fired up fine. I should also note the ROG400 User's Manual/Instruction is pretty lousy! Initial testing of the output showed ~40-50 ppm of hardness compared to the ~450 ppm of city water input. I did have some minor dripping at the faucet spout tip, and so contacted iSpring Customer Service to see if I could get a cut sheet or maintenance guide for the faucet. Nick at iSpring sent me a new faucet since the initial one was still under warranty but was unable to provide a maintenance guide. The new faucet is similar in style but has slightly different lines. It's also slightly easier to install due to the undercounted mounting system. Once up and running, the noise and vibration is somewhat a nuisance, even after placing the unit on a padded surface but easy to get used to. Due to the smaller tubing size-¼" vs ⅜" on the old RO unit-the output flow is about half compared to the old RO unit. But that is also easy to get used to. Nick at iSpring was very helpful and courteous through it all. Despite the negative issues listed above, overall the ROG400 unit will hopefully prove to be a good solution that only time will tell.

    Kristopher J. Kemper | 4 out of 5 Stars!

    I'll give this 4 stars for being what I wanted and at the best price and appearing to work (a good filter that removes VOC's and doesn't waste water or require a separate tank). I took a star off for the installation manual.

    Installation was tricky, mostly because I have never installed an under sink water filter before. In retrospect, there aren't that many steps and I probably could do it again in 30 minutes. As it was, it did take multiple hours with some indecision and a trip to home depot.

    Here are my particular installation notes, which are meant to compliment what other reviewers have said. This is not a complete guide.

    1.) The instructions do suck. The wording is hard to follow and the pictures don't really illustrate what to do (and they are low res). One picture has an arrow to where a drainage tube would go, but this model doesn't do reverse osmosis and doesn't need one, but that detail causes confusion. Incidentally, the tape on the bottom of the box said "Reverse Osmosis" on it which made me questions things more. The most valuable thing in the entire book is a single picture called "water route diagram" that shows you how the main unit should look when hooked up.

    2.) The cold water tap/adapter that came with the unit was 1/2 inch in size. As mentioned by others, my cold water supply is a 3/8 inch connection. However, the end of the flex pipe that connects to the faucet is 1/2 inch, so I was able to install the adapter up there without any extra parts. Sadly, I ended up going to home depot studying the various tubes and adapters before I realized this would work.

    3.) There are little plastic cones going into the tube valves of the unit. Nothing mentioned them, so I watched a video for a different model to know how to proceed (I didn't want to break anything which I think I would have if I tried to yank them out). There are little blue horseshoe shaped bits of plastic holding an inner plastic piece in place. Pull those blue horseshoes off, push in the inner plastic part around the cone towards the unit, and then the cones will release. The reverse action is similar to how the tubes are installed.

    4.) All my tubing connections leaked the first time because I didn't use enough force to push them in. It takes a decent amount of force to get the tubes to slide through the inner seals/washers for them to be water tight. With wet hands, I had to remove the tubes and retry several times for it not to leak.

    5.) Like others said, red tube goes from the cold water valve to the filtered water faucet. The blue goes to the right side of the unit next to the stage 1 sediment filter, and the white tube exits the left side next to the stage 3 block carbon filter. I read another review that claimed the order was left to right instead of right to left. That was not true for me and the order of the 3 filter stages on my unit matched the 3 pictures of the models on the front of the manual.

    6.) If your sink had a cover over 2 soap or water filter holes and you had to expose 2 holes to install this filter, hardware stores sell single sink hole covers that screw in and cover up the extra hole.

    I don't plan on testing my water in any way. I assume this filter does it's job. The water tastes good to me though I doubt my ability to judge that. It's still coming out mildly cloudy after 5 minutes of running it, so I'll post back if I'm unhappy with how things look later on.


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