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iSpring RCC7AK-UV Deluxe Under Sink 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System with Alkaline Remineralization and UV Sterilizer (RCC7AK-UV)
  • High Capacity Reverse Osmosis water filtration for safer, healthier water. This Deluxe under sink mounted water filter and Point-of-use water softener contains 7 different stages of filtration and sterilization to remove up to 99% of over 1,000 contaminants, including lead (removes up to 98% of lead), chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, and sodium and virtually all and other microorganisms.
  • Experience clean, safe, good-tasting water every time you turn on the faucet. Enjoy crystal clear ice cubes, fresher tea and coffee, better tasting foods, healthier baby formula & ; even better than most bottled water.
  • With its advanced 11 watt UV sterilization stage, the RCC7AK-UV is the perfect solution to purifying well water and other problem water sources containing excessive microorganisms like water from lakes and streams. For greater efficiency, our unique flow sensor switch turns the UV unit on and off automatically with water flow, saving power and lengthening the life of the UV lamp.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) remains the best way to achieve truly pure water. But can water be too pure? RO removes not only harmful pollutants, but also a few helpful minerals. The Alkaline Remineralization (AK) filter restores healthy minerals and a natural alkaline balance, also producing a more natural taste that comes from the presence of the right balance of these minerals.
  • Premium quality components ensure highest reliability and low maintenance for many years to come. Clear see-through 1st stage housing makes filter inspection a snap.Feed Water pH - 3.0 -11.0. Feed Water Pressure - 45-70 psi. Feed Water Temperature- 40-100 F (4 - 38 C)
  • $299.99
    Filter Packs Replacement for 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis (6-Month Supply (with Alkaline Filter)) (F4AK)
  • Tested by independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI Standard, high capacity replacement filters for 6-stage reverse osmosis systems
  • Standard sized 10" x 2.5"
  • Fits iSpring RCC7AK, RCC7P-AK, and most other RO systems that use standard sized filter housings including Flowmatic, PuROLine,
  • Crystal Quest, and Apec
  • Includes 1x FP15 sediment filter, 1x FG15 GAC filter, 1x CTO carbon filter, and 1x FA15 alkaline remineralization filter
  • Each filter is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and extend shelf life
  • $39.99
    iSpring 1/4'' Slimline Water Filter Housing Clear 10 inches (HC12)
  • Industry Standard Water Filter Housing - Transparent (The cap can be in BLACK color depending on stock)
  • Good for Reverse Osmosis Water Filter and RO DI Filter
  • Fits 10"x2.5 standard filter cartridges, compatible to most RO systems, includes Watts
  • Premier, Flowmatic, PuROLine, Crystal Quest, Apec, and etc.
  • 1/4" Inlet / Outlet
  • Made of 100% high-quality polypropylene
  • $27.39
    iSpring 11w UV Quartz Sleeve (Tube) Model (UVQ11)
  • UV Quartz tube 3/8" Dia x 9 3/4"L
  • Fits UV Filters: #UVF11 and #UVF10
  • $23.00
    iSpring Check Valve for Reverse Osmosis (ACV1)
  • The check valve components are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • The 1/8" threaded end connects directly to most membrane housings.
  • The 1/4" quick connect fitting fits standard 1/4" tubing used on most RO systems.
  • The 90-degree elbow angle allows for tight fits on the membrane housing.
  • Compatible with most Reverse Osmosis systems (including brand names) in the market
  • To be installed on the outlet port of membrane housing where pure water exits.
  • $12.40
    iSpring Inline Ball Valve with Quick Fitting 1/4" to 1/4" fits most RO Water Systems (ABV1K)
  • Push fit fittings. 1/4" to 1/4". Fit most RO water systems.
  • Twist and lock for added security.
  • No tools required.
  • Compatible with most Reverse Osmosis systems (including brand names) in the market:
  • $9.49
    iSpring Refillable DI Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 0PPM (FD15A4044KX2)
  • 1 piece DI Filter (refillable): Resin Filter / Demineralization by Ionization
  • Removes hard water minerals through an ion exchange process.
  • Intended to prevent inorganic calcium, magnesium, and soluble iron etc...
  • Greatly increases quality of filtration and virtually eliminates mineral related water issues such as excessive and unwanted algae growths
  • Two 1/4" elbow fittings
  • 6 inches of 1/4" tubing
  • $30.89
    iSpring Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Filter Set of 5 100GPD (F5-100)
  • A complete set of replacement filters and membrane (100GPD) for 5-stage reverse osmosis systems
  • 5 pieces included: FP15X1, FG15X1, FC15X1, MC1X1, FT15X1
  • Individually wrapped to keep freshness
  • Fits standard 10" housings, including brand name models
  • The upgraded post-filters come with quick connections and fittings.
  • $78.09
    iSpring (22) RO Water Filter Replacements - Reverse Osmosis DI - 50GPD - 3 Year Supply (F22-50)
  • 3-year supply of replacement filters for RO systems
  • Individually wrapped, fresh from factory
  • Fits 10-Inch standard filter housings, compatible to most RO systems, includes Watts Premier, Flowmatic, PuROLine, Crystal Quest, Apec, and etc
  • Improve the taste of drinking water
  • 50GPD
  • $118.99
    iSpring 1 micron 10"x2.5" Universal Sediment Filter Cartridges, 15,000-Gallon, Multi-layer, 8-Pack, Tested to Meet NSF/ANSI Standard (FP11X8)
  • Typically the first stage for any water filtration system, the sediment filter removes dirt, rust, sand, and other particles from the water.
  • Made of 100% Melt-Blown Polypropylene, 4-layer filtration.
  • Depending on your water usage and quality, it should be replaced every 3-6 months.
  • ANSI/NSF STANDARD 42 COMPLIANT COMPONENT - Tested by independent third-party. Genuine iSpring filter sold directly by manufacturer. Performance and quality guaranteed.
  • Fits standard 10" filter housings, including most name brand models.
  • WELL PACKED FOR FRESHNESS - Each cartridge is individually wrapped with manufacturing date
  • $30.69
    iSpring 1-Year Filter Replacement Supply - Fits RCC7, RCC7P, RCW5, RCC1UP and more (F7RO)
  • 1-year supply of replacement filters for 5 stage 50 and 75 GPD RO systems.
  • Items included: FP15X2; FG15X2; FC15X2; FT15X1.
  • Individually wrapped to preserve freshness.
  • Fit standard 10" housings, including most brand name models.
  • The upgraded post-filters come with quick connections and fittings.
  • $43.99
    iSpring 10" x 2.5" Universal Sediment Filter Cartridges, Multi-layer, Packs (50 micron, 2 Pack) (FP150X2)
  • Patented 3-layer Gradient design, up to 3 times more efficient than non-gradient filter
  • 2.5" (O.D) x 10" (Length) x 1 1/8" (I.D), Fits industry standard 10" filter housings
  • Perfect for RO, Counter-top, Whole-house water filters and ice machine, film, beverage processing
  • Manufacturer Direct Sale -genuine high quality filter cartridge supply
  • Tech support from Atlanta GA (678)261-7611 M-F 9-5 EST
  • $17.54
    iSpring 10" Inline Minerals Filter Replacement Cartridge Corosex Calcite Alkaline #FX15 (FX15)
  • Includes mineral stone, corosex and calcite
  • Improves the taste of ro water by adding minerals
  • Raises ph by 0.8-1.2
  • Can be added to any under sink water filter or ro system
  • $25.99
    iSpring 2.8” x 12” 500GPD Side-Flow Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Fits RE5T, Model MS5, white (MS5)
  • Advanced Dual-Flow 500GPD membrane saves 60% of water, with 1:1 drain to clean water ratio
  • Low-pressure and high-capacity membrane for tankless direct ro output
  • Fits iSpring light commercial RO system RCS5T
  • Rejects wide spectrum of impurities down to .0001 micron
  • Tolerance to a wide range of operating conditions
  • $159.99
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