iSpring UVB55 55W UV Replacement Lamp UV Bulb for UVF55 Whole House UV Water Filter

  • Fits iSpring whole house UV water filter system UVF5
  • Durable, effective, and reliable
  • 55-Watt UV lamp
  • Philip Brand
  • Approximate dimension: 1 in. Dia x 35 in. L (not including the poles)
  • 2 pins at both ends
  • Flow rate: up to 12 GPM
  • Life: up to 9,000 hours
  • $69.99
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    Product Description

    UV has proven to be a quick, reliable, and cost-effective method of water treatment for both point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) systems. Being a chemical-free, environmentally friendly, and affordable UV water filter system, iSpring UVF55 UV water filter, for which this UVB55 UV lamp works, can protect the whole house against contaminants commonly found in private wells. For houses that get water from municipal water suppliers, this UV light water filter provides a great solution against chlorine-resistant substances so that you know you and your loved ones get clean water for drinking, washing, showers and more. Build your trust in water for your entire household by removing risks unable to be addressed by your municipal treatment plant or those born with well water or other natural water sources.

    • Availability: In Stock
    • Model: UVB55
    • Manufacturer: iSpring

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