iSpring RCS5T 500 GPD High Flow Residential and Light Commercial Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with 1:1 Drain Ratio

  • Designed to supply on demand drinking water filtration for large families, small restaurants and small businesses
  • Produces up to 500 gpd or 0.34 gpm under ideal conditions. The actual output could vary from 70% to 90% of the 500Gpd due to temperature, water chemical properties, and other factors. Clean water output is about 10-15 psi on average.
  • Patented dual-flow ro membrane offers consistent output flow with an exceptional 1: 1 drain ratio
  • 5 stages of filtration remove up to 99% of 1, 000+ pollutants including chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, sulfur, thms, pfoa and pfos
  • Light commercial capable - add a storage tank to increase the flow and provide continuous and stable supply of pure water for light commercial settings
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    • The pre-equipped high powered booster pump maximizes RO production by increasing water pressure going into the dual-flow membrane.

    • The RCS5T's dual-flow membrane and booster pump combine to produce RO water on demand, eliminating the need for a storage tank.

    • The dual-flow membrane draws in water from both sides while offering an exceptional 1:1 drain ratio.

    Precision Performance

    The RCS5T is engineered to meet the needs of light commercial and high demand environments, making it the optimal choice for small restaurants and small businesses. It produces reverse osmosis water at up to 500 gallons per day, a pace that allows it to function as a tankless system without affecting functionality or convenience. The centerpiece of the system is its dual-flow RO membrane that receives water from both sides of the membrane housing and is fueled by a high powered booster pump. Higher water pressure to the dual-flow membrane results in faster RO production and less drain water being rejected. These factors culminate in the RCS5T achieving an exceptional 1:1 pure to drain water ratio. The RCS5T can be used with water pressure sources as low as 25 psi, and has a built in pressure gauge to provide an accurate pressure reading. A power source is required for the booster pump, and a holding tank can be added to the system for high usage situations.

    Common uses

      • Residential Use
        The RCS5T's ability to thrive without a tank make it a great space conservation option which also meets the daily demand of most households. Add a smallest pressurized tank to increase the flow without wasting cabinet space.

      • Restaurant Use
        Food or drink that is prepared with unfiltered water may have a distinct, unpleasant taste. A reverse osmosis system ensures that the water used to boil pasta, make coffee, or quench the thirst of your customers tastes clean and fresh, which increases customer satisfaction and participation. Pair the system with a medium sized pressurized tank for a steady supply of pure water to keep up with the demands of high water consumption.
        (Good for small sized restaurants with under 20 seats)

      • Office Use
        A healthy office is a happy office. Keep your employees well hydrated with all the RO water they can drink. Adding a small pressurized tank ensures a continuous and stable supply of pure water without delay.
        (Good for small offices with under 20 people)
      • Please note:

        The RO membrane capacity is affected by the inlet water pressure and water temperature.
        500GPD is the maximum rated production rate, not the recommended daily usage amount.
        The filter replacement schedule is based on average household water consumption of 3 gallons/day.
        Filter life decreases if installed in places that require large volumes or continuous water supply.

    Product Summary

    The iSpring RCS5T is a high capacity tankless reverse osmosis filtration system. The RCS5T's patented dual-flow membrane produces RO water at a rate of 500 gallons per day while delivering a top-of-the-line 1: 1 waste to pure water ratio.

    The system removes chlorine, hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and a long list of other water impurities. The on demand output ability makes the RCS5T a great choice for large families or light commercial use in small restaurants, beauty salons, offices, coffee Shops, or any small business.

    Why iSpring?

    Located in Alpharetta, Georgia for over a decade, iSpring Water Systems LLC is a family owned company specializing in reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Our products include residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, whole house water systems, ultra-filtration systems, shower, faucet, and counter top filters, filter cartridges and housings, RO coolers, and kitchen faucets and fittings. Our aim is to make high quality drinking water accessible for all households. With affordable pricing, solid quality, prompt delivery, and top notch customer service, we hope to assist in bringing you great water for years to come.

  • Incoming Water Pressure: 30 PSI - 70 PSI
  • Operating water temperature range: 40 – 100 °F
  • Maximum TDS: 750 ppm
  • Membrane Filter Life: 2-3 years at 3 Gallons/day or 2600 Gallons

    Note: All flow rates stated on our reverse osmosis systems and membranes are assuming a water temperature of 77°F. Water temperature changes will affect the flow rate. For every degree F the temperature lowers, about 3% of product flow is lost. For every degree F the temperature increases, about 3% product flow rate is gained. This occurs because water with a higher temperature has a lower viscosity and higher diffusion rate, which makes it easier for the water to permeate the RO membrane. Lower feed water temperatures during the winter season will result in a decrease in flow rate.


    • For filter cartridge replacement schedule and price, see Replacement.
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    • Model: RCS5T
    • Manufacturer: iSpring

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