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The Battle of the Best Water Conditioner: iSpring ED2000 vs. iSpring WDS150K

Posted On 06/25/2020 By iSpring Water Systems
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Water descaler, also known as water conditioner, is a filtration system that aims to reduce the effects of hard water build-up. The scale deposits in hard water can cause the pipes to clog and your appliances end up having to work harder than they would if your water was softer.

In this article we will discuss two useful products to address your hard water concerns. These products function differently but with the same end goal in mind. Who will win in the battle of the best iSpring water conditioner?

iSpring WDS150K Anti Scale Whole House Water Filter

The iSpring WDS150K is an anti-scale whole house water filter that helps you protect and prolong the life of your household appliances and plumbing system. It also prevents pipes from bio-growth and corrosion by coating the surface of the pipes, which is particularly useful for pipes made of galvanized iron, steel, copper, and lead. Along with making it harder for bio-film to form, the coating helps to stabilize chlorine by preventing the chlorine from chemically reacting to the metal pipe.

Features and Functions

Delivering a top-notch performance, the WDS150K features a patented scale inhibitor that sequesters magnesium and calcium from the water, clearing clogged piping and prolonging the life of the pipes and appliances. This whole house water descaler is tested independently to ensure it follows the NSF 42/60 standards.

The iSpring WDS150k comes with Big Blue 20” x 4.5” filter cartridges and a 1” NPT inlet/outlet, facilitating an easy replacement process. The unit has a high capacity capable of filtering up to 150,000 gallons of water. The overall water filtration system has a minor impact on the water flow and requires minimal maintenance.


  • No salt added.
  • One unit can treat the water for your whole house.
  • Reacts with iron and other minerals to form a protective layer on your pipes that prevents scale buildup.
  • The coating also prevents bio-growth and corrosion of your pipes.

  • Limitations

  • May need some plumbing knowledge to install the filter.
  • More expensive than iSpring ED200 water descaler.
  • iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner

    The iSpring ED2000 water descaler is a computerized water conditioning system that helps address hard water problems at home without the use of salt, chemicals, or filter cartridges. This electronic water descaler requires no plumbing and no maintenance and works on any pipe, even PEX and PVC.

    Features and Functions

    The ED2000 uses a patented computer chip to emit an electromagnetic wave that matches the resonant wave frequencies in the water molecule clusters. This causes the clusters to break down into active twin-molecules with a much larger surface area and better bonding capability with the hard mineral ions. The water molecules in their new state can pick up and carry the hard mineral ions, greatly reducing the likelihood that they form scales and adhere to pipe surfaces, while allowing the existing scale to begin breaking down.


  • No salt added.
  • No maintenance required.
  • No plumbing modification required.
  • Cheaper than iSpring WDS150K water descaler.

  • Limitations

  • High iron content in your water will reduce the effectiveness of the ED2000. It is recommended to use an iron removal filter, such as the WGB32BM/WGB22BM, before the ED2000 for source water with iron levels over 0.3 ppm.
  • The treatment effect of the ED2000 is only temporary. After traveling about 50 feet the water molecules will bind together and reform the large clusters. This means that for larger homes multiple units or an additional water conditioner may be required.
  • iSpring ED2000 vs. iSpring WDS150K: Who wins?

    The iSpring ED2000 and the iSpring WDS150K differ in many ways, but they both are effective in preventing scale buildup and extending your appliance’s life.

    If you have a smaller home with low iron levels in your water, or if you know nothing about plumbing and are tired of replacing filters so often, iSpring ED2000 will be a better choice. Even if you have iron levels above 0.3 ppm you can still use the ED2000 by installing an iSpring WGB32BM or WGB22BM whole house water filter in front of it.

    If you have a large home and want to prevent bio-growth and corrosion of your pipes, the iSpring WDS150K is more suitable for you. Of course you can always install other iSpring whole house water filters in front of or after WDS150K to remove sediment, chlorine, iron, manganese, lead, and many other contaminants from your water to ensure you have clean and safe water for cooking, showering, laundry, dishwashing, and your other household needs.

    Final Thoughts

    The iSpring ED2000 and iSpring WDS150K are both winners in this battle of the best water descaler. Just be sure to take into account your unique situation and needs before purchasing either product and you will feel confident that you purchased a winning product.

    If you have any questions about any of our products, or if you need a personalized product recommendation, please feel free to contact us at 678-261-7611 (M-F, 8:30 - 5:30 EST) or email us at support@123filter.com. We are happy to help!

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