6-Stage RO with DI Filter (0 TDS)

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iSpring RCC7D 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System w/ Zero TDS Deionizer Filter (RCC7D)

Product Features

iSpring 6-stage Reverse Osmosis DI Water Purification System generates purified water for drinking, cooking, hydroponics, aquariums etc. The unit removes hardness, heavy metals, toxins, and many other tap water impurities.

This is our most popular drinking / aquarium system! 6-stage Reverse Osmosis System perfect for average homes (up to 8 people) on city supply water.

Fully automated, highest quality, solid durable, low maintenance, fits neatly under sink. Quick-connect fittings for faster set up

Product Highlights

Solid construction. Luxury goose neck faucet included. Purifies 75 gallons of water per day. Easy installation. Wall-mountable. Fits cabinet under sink. Usable with chlorinated and well-water sources. Detailed installation instructions included. Manufacturer one year limited warranty.

What's included

1st Stage 5 micron 10" high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter -- removes dust, particles, and rust. Certified to NSF/ANSI standards. (order replacement)
2nd Stage Granular Activated Carbon 5 micron 10" -- gets rid of unpleasant chlorine, tastes and odors, cloudiness and colors. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards. (order replacement)
3rd Stage Carbon Block 5 micron 10" -- removes any residual chlorine, tastes & odors, plus compounding pre-filters' efficiency and extending membrane's life. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards. (order replacement)
4th Stage High Rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane .0001 micron -- heart of the RO system, produces drinking water at a rate of 75 gallons per day. (order replacement)
5th Stage Total Polishing Inline Carbon 10" -- removes any possible residual tastes and odors from the tank. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards. (order replacement)
6th Stage DI Deionizer filter in clear housing -- producing lowest ppm water for your aquarium and pressure plants. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards. (order replacement)
Tank Premium 3.2 gallon pressurized tank -- Add $119.00 to upgrade to 11 gallon tank or $179.00 to 20 gallon tank. Certified to NSF/ANSI standards. ((order replacement)
Faucet Lead-Free, long reach, goose neck faucet. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards.(order replacement)
Tubing Food Grade tubing. Compliant with NSF/ANSI standards.(order replacement)
Plus Features Automatic shut-off valve and the check valve work together to shut off the system automatically when the storage tank is filled up.
Installation Hardware Wrench, tank ball valve, feed water valve, drain saddle, inserts, and manuals.

Specifications & Dimensions

  • System Capacity: 75 gallons per day @ 50/60 psi & 77 deg F
  • Tank Capacity: 3.2 gallons
  • Feed Water Source: Chlorinated or non-chlorinated water supplies
  • Feed Water pH: 3.0 -11.0
  • Feed Water Pressure: 45-70 psi
  • Feed Water Temperature: 40-100 F (4 - 38 C)
  • Max Total Dissolved Solids: 750 ppm
  • System Package Dimensions: 14w x 17d x 23h
  • System Package Weight : 28 lbs
  • System Dimensions: 14.5w x 6d x 18h (Fits most under-sink cabinets)


Best-valued filter package: 3-year filter supply #F22-75
  • 1st stage: Sediment filter, #FP15; REPLACE EVERY 3-6 MONTHS
  • 2nd Stage: GAC filter, #FG15; REPLACE EVERY 3-6 MONTHS
  • 3rd Stage: CTO Carbon Filter, #FC15; REPLACE EVERY 3-6 MONTHS
  • 4thStage: 75GPD RO membrane, #MC7; REPLACE EVERY 2 YEARS
  • 5th Stage: Post inline carbon filter, #FT15; REPLACE EVERY YEAR
  • 6th Stage: DI filter; REPLACE EVERY 12 MONTHS

User Manual

 Manual: Under-sink 5-stage, 6-stage, 7-stage RO systems (version 11/2016)
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