iSpring WGB22BM+AHPF12MNPT16X2 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System w/ 20” x 4.5” Carbon Block and Iron & Manganese Reducing Filter, and 3/4 inch Push-Fit Connector

  • [Protect Your Family and Household Appliance from Iron, Manganese, and More] Our 2nd stage filter (FM25B) is specially designed for iron & manganese removal, reducing iron (MAX 3.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm) and manganese (MAX 1.0 ppm down to 0.01 ppm). The system also removes sediment, chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, and various other contaminants. For well/pond water with very high iron/manganese please contact us for customized solutions.
  • [DIY Installation and Maintenance] Refer to our manual and our helpful YouTube videos for DIY installation. 1” NPT inlet / outlet, 20” x 4.5” filter cartridges, water flow: up to 15 GPM. Two 12” push-fit hoses are included for hassle-free installation to any 3/4'' pipes like Copper, PEX, or CPVC pipes with no welding or glue needed. A removal tool is also included if you need to disconnect the system from the pipes.
  • The first stage CTO Carbon Block filter is made of coconut shell carbon to increase filtration efficiency and extend filter life. It is tested by an independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI standards. The filter has a capacity of 100,000 gallons of water, enough to supply a family of four with clean water for a full year. The cartridges are individually wrapped to ensure freshness. Please unwrap the cartridges before use.
  • [Peace of Mind Customer Service] Register online to activate your 1-year manufacturer warranty and life-time free tech support from U.S. local support team. We stand behind our products and if you encounter any problems with any of our products please reach out to us immediately. We are happy to help!
  • [Please Note] This system is installed at the main water supply line in order to treat all the water in your home. Unlike an RO system, this system will NOT reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). If you are interested in a filter that removes TDS consider our iSpring Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.
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    • iSpring carbon block filter uses coconut shell carbon and compact fabrication tech to increase filtration efficiency and extend filter life.

    • iSpring iron manganese filter reduces iron (3.0 -> 0.01 ppm) and manganese (1.0 -> 0.01 ppm).
      Filtration Capacity: 50k gal at 3.0ppm for iron

    • At iSpring, we provide our customers with professional water solutions to any water concerns they may have.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: With this whole house system, do I still need to install a water softener if my water is very hard?
    A: Yes, a water softener is needed if your source water has a high level of hardness, usually with TDS higher than 700 PPM. Hard water can reduce the lifespan of whole house water filter cartridges. The harder the water, the greater amount of scale buildup occurs, and the sooner the filters get clogged.
    This whole house water filter can remove up to 95% of sediment, chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, and various other contaminants that a regular water softener can't, although it does not soften your water. It is recommended that you install this WGB22B whole house system after your water softener to achieve optimal performance if you have hard water.
    To determine which product best suits your need, it is recommended that you get a professional water test done prior to purchase to identify the main issue of your source water.
    NOTE: Water Softeners and whole house systems usually do not lower the TDS level of the water. An additional Reverse Osmosis system may be necessary for your drinking water. Please consult iSpring professionals prior to purchase if you are unsure of which product will meet your needs.

    Q: What type of Whole House Water Filter do I need?
    A: If you are on municipal water that isn't contaminated with heavy metals like iron, manganese, and lead, the WGB22B is the system to go with. Naturally occurring metals are commonplace in most well water sources, however, and that is where the WGB22BM or WGB22B-PB earns its keep.
    If you are on well water or have heavy metals in your municipal water supply, you may want to consider the WGB22BM or WGB22B-PB over the WGB22B. For removing the common contaminants found in the majority of municipal water supplies however, the WGB22B fits the bill.

    Q: How does this filter remove iron in the water? Does 6ppm to 0.01ppm apply to any water source?
    A: It depends on the quality of the source water. If the source water has a higher level of hardness, normally with TDS higher than 700, the resin in the filter could be saturated by Calcium, Lead, Magnesium, and other cations, and would not be able to remove iron and manganese effectively. In this case, please install it behind a Water Softener that can either remove or neutralize these cations first in order to extend the lifespan of this FM25B iron-manganese removal filter.

    Q: What flow rate should I look for?
    A: Measured in gallons per minute (GPM), flow rate determines the amount of water available to run your shower, toilet, hot water heater, dishwasher, etc. When calculating your requirements look at the demand ratings printed on your appliances and toilet. Depending on the size of your house and family your water flow rate requirements may range from 5 to 40 GPM.

    Highlight Features

      • 100,000-gallon capacity replaceable compact coconut shell activated carbon filter provides a full year of clean water for your entire family. This whole house system removes up to 95 percent of sediment, chlorine, chloramines, chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants that create color, foul tastes, and odors. (Tested by SGS, 2018)

      • Equipped with two of 12'' braided stainless steel hoses with brass valves, this iSpring Whole House system can easily be connected to copper, PEX, and CPVC pipes in any combination. Simply apply some plumber's tape on the male threads to connect to an iSpring Whole House Water Filtration System and push in the Copper, PEX, or CPVC pipe on the other end. The integrated ball valve provides quarter-turn, single handle shut-off to the water supply.

    Product Overview

    Style:Iron, Manganese Removal w/ hose connectors

    The WGB22BM whole house filtration system is a ”point of entry" filtration system for cleaning up well water. Unlike ”point of use" systems (like reverse osmosis systems) that are installed to Supply water to a specific faucet, the WGB22BM filters your water from the source. This means water from every output in your home will have passed through the two filtration stages of the WGB22BM.

    So what exactly do these two stages of filtration offer used as the first stage of defense on the system, the stage 1 housing holds a 5 micron CTO coconut shell carbon block filter. Block carbon is finely ground up carbon packed into a solidified block. It knocks out bad tastes and odors, removes up to 99% of chlorine from the water, and is effective on pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. The second stage of the WGB22BM has an iron and manganese reducing filter - also great for the plethora of heavy metals found in well water sources. The FM25B iron and manganese reducing filter is only included with the WGB22BM, as it is not needed for most municipal water supplies that the WGB22B targets.

    If you are on municipal (city) water or a generally clean water Supply, you may want to consider the WGB22B over the WGB22BM. For removing the common contaminants and heavy metals found in the majority of well water supplies, however, the WGB22BM fits the bill.
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