iSpring CT10-C Countertop Multi Filtration Drinking Water Filter Dispenser - Clear

  • Multi-Stage Filtration cartridge reduces chlorine, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, sediment, and more
  • No hassle faucet adapter makes installation and removal a breeze
  • Sleek and efficient design offers a natural look on any counter; ideal choice for homes, apartments, dorms, and anywhere a faucet is available
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty; Lifetime support from iSpring in Atlanta, GA at (678) 261-7611
  • $76.99
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    • Installation Step 1

      Remove the aerator if the faucet has one, and determine if your faucet has inner threads or outer threads.

    • Installation Step 2

      For faucets with internal threads, use the metal adapter and 2 sealing washers to connect the diverter valve to the faucet. For faucets with external threads, place the sealing washer into the diverter valve of the filter and connect to the faucet.

    • Installation Step 3

      Turn the diverter handle in line with the connector for regular tap water. Turn the diverter handle perpendicular to the connector for filtered water.

    • Installation Step 4

      To flush out the loose carbon, keep the faucet on for a couple of minutes until the filtered water runs clear.

    Product description

    Color:Clear with Multi Stage Cartridge

    The iSpring CT10 countertop filter combines four different filtration medias in a single cartridge and housing. The filter combines activated carbon, dual layered sediment filtration, KDF media. The CT10 reduces chlorine, lead, arsenic, sediment, among other contaminants.

    The included faucet adapter comes with multiple thread sizes to fit nearly any kind of tap. Installation and removal of the filter is quick and easy.

    The filter comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime support from iSpring in Atlanta, GA at (678) 261-7611.

    • Availability: In Stock
    • Model: CT10-C
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
    Bret | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    I replaced a magnetically-secured external water filter/dispenser (everydrop, now discontinued, I believe) that was on the side of my fridge and installed into the tubing of my fridge/icemaker. The flow rate of this thing was incredibly slow, and its positioning on my fridge made kitchen life impractical. So, I came across this iSpring CT10-CL Countertop WATER FILTER through an amazon search. WE ARE SO PLEASED!! The installation was so simple -- no husband needed. There are other reviews stating that the tool doesn't help to remove the casing, or that the casing doesn't seal properly. However, in my experience, the tool is instrumental in the tightening and loosening of the casing, and I haven't had the slightest leak. The pressure is wonderful, keeping the filter submerged at all times and providing an excellent flow rate. My daughter and I both use 1gal water bottles for our daily drinking water, and my husband uses a half-gallon water bottle for his. I'm not standing at the sink for even one full minute to fill my jug (I do put about a quarter of it in ice). Even without the ice, my jug fills in fewer than 60sec. I used zip ties in a color that would camouflage them easily to keep the tubing out of the way. I do wish the tubing were available in black so that it could also be more easily camouflaged. However, that is my only complaint. Although not quite a complaint, I should mention that the everydrop water filter provided better-tasting water, but the flavor of the water from the iSpring is still very good and not so much a far cry from the everydrop filter. The flow rate, alone, makes the iSpring worth it. The everydrop filter/dispenser was about $75 USD and was more annoying than helpful. So, the iSpring is well worth the asking price. It comes with your first water filter, so you don't have to buy a water filter just to get the system started. As far as holding up, I've had it installed for over a month, now, and have had ZERO issues...NONE whatsoever. My filter is still very clean, and the flavor of the water has not changed at all. BUY THIS WATER FILTER!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!


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