iSpring AIG1 Easy-Install Top Mount Reverse Osmosis RO Drinking Water Faucet Installation Accessory Kit, US Patent Pending

  • US patent pending tool-free design. Saves the hassle of installing your drinking water faucet or RO faucet in a tight or hard-to-reach under sink space.
  • Parts included: a durable oval-shaped rubber locking plate and a locking nut. 
  • Works great for countertops with a 1”- 1 ½ “ (D) hole. Fits standard 7/16” RO drinking faucet stem.
  • Easy 3-step installation. Install the locking plate and the locking nut; tilt the locking plate to get the faucet stem through the countertop hole; lift and twist the faucet to tighten by hand and secure your faucet in place perfectly.
  • iSpring stands behind its products with a 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year manufacturer warranty upon registration, and lifetime free tech and customer support phone right from Atlanta, GA. Your satisfaction is our top priority!
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    Continuous On-Demand Supply of Fresh and Clean Water

    The installation accessory kit adopts a patent-pending design. The plate and nut can be clamped tightly without loosening—ideal for hard-to-reach under sink drinking faucet installation.

    Continuous On-Demand Supply of Fresh and Clean Water

    The plate comes with a rubber surface and grip that increases the friction between the plate and the tabletop, preventing loosening. The special asymmetry design of the plate made it easier to tilt and insert the faucet stem.

    Sturdy and non-slippery

    The top mount water faucet installation accessory kit adopts a top mount design. All operations are taken from the countertop, allowing the installation of a standard drinking water faucet without reaching under the sink.

    Tool-free installation

    No tools are required to install the faucet with the installation accessory kit, allowing for easy installation of a standard drinking water faucet with a simple lift and twist-action from the countertop.

    • Step1:

      Insert the plate with the rubber side up to the faucet stem, followed by the nut.

    • Step2:

      Lift and title the plate.

    • Step3:

      Insert the faucet stem and the kit into the sinkhole. Lift the faucet body to secure both the plate and nut.

    • Step4:

      While lifting, turn the faucet clockwise to tighten.

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    • Model: AIG1
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
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