iSpring FDF1 Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge for DF1/DF2 Series Water Filtration System, 500 Gallons

  • Replacement faucet filter for iSpring DF1/DF2 Faucet Mount Filter System. Get your filtered water right from your tap for drinking, cooking, and washing.
  • iSpring FDF1 faucet filter can reduce chlorine, chloramine, cysts, lead, mercury, lindane, atrazine, and many other contaminants in water from faucets in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or RV sink. 
  • Thanks to this filter cartridge, iSpring DF1/DF2 series sink water filter faucet can deliver up to 500 gallons of clean filtered water. This means that you will only need to change your faucet water filter once every 6-8 months. 
  • Up to 1.5 GPM filtration rate; nice and steady flow of water.
  • Easy tool-free change in a few minutes. 
  • 30-day money back guarantee; lifetime tech support from iSpring at (678)261-7611.
  • $12.89
    • Out of Stock | ETA: Dec/02/2018
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    • At iSpring, we strive for high standard products and aim to make clean drinking water accessible for all households. With affordable pricing, solid quality, prompt delivery, and lifetime customer service, we hope to assist in bringing you great water for years to come.
    We stand behind our products

    iSpring addresses concerns on water contaminants with the filtration technology that can be mounted on kitchen faucet/bathroom faucet/rv sink faucet in a minute. With an iSpring FDF1 replacement cartridge for your iSpring water filter faucet, you can enjoy fresh and clean water right from your kitchen tap for cooking and delicious coffee. Get up to 500 gallons of filtered tap water, save money and hassle of buying bottled water, and help protect the environment.

  • Up to 1.5 gpm filtration rate (10 bottles in 1 minute)

  • Filtration Test Result

      • Chlorine & Chloramine
        Deep Filtration.

      • Lead
        Deep Filtration.

    • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
      Moderate Filtration.

    • Availability: Out of Stock | ETA: Dec/02/2018
    • Model: FDF1
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
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