iSpring FSF1 Multi-Stage Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge-Removes Chlorine, Sediment, Heavy Metal, and Odor

  • Featuring 15-stage of 12 different filtration media, iSpring SF series shower filters quickly remove up to 99% of chlorine, sediment, hydrogen sulfide, and water-soluble heavy metals. Nurturing elements such as Vitamin C are released and added back to your shower water.
  • Less than a dime a day, iSpring shower filters last for 6-9 months. SF1S fights eczema, irritation, itchiness or dryness. A simple and inexpensive way to improve showering experience.
  • Perfect for iSpring SF1S shower filter. Compatible with other on-the-market shower filters that use replacement cartridges of a similar size( Dimensions: 2 ⅝ x 2 ⅝ x 3 ½ in.).
  • Copes with hard water and prohibits limescale buildup. Tool free design makes installation and cartridge replacement a breeze.
  • Little impact on water pressure. In case source water has high levels of sediment common with well water, once a while simply flip the filter cartridge over and flush it with hot water to remove sediment built-up, then set it back in its original position.
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and extended manufacturer warranty upon warranty registration at iSpring. Lifetime tech support(678-261-7611) from Atlanta, GA USA.
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    • At iSpring, we look beyond technology to make clean water accessible for all households. We provide our customers with professional water solutions to any water concerns they may have.

      Tested by independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI Standard: 177 for shower filters.

    Why Do I Need A Shower Filter?

    Unfiltered shower water can contain an array of chemicals like chlorine from the showerhead. The skin is the largest organ and we may absorb more chlorine through showering than through drinking water. Chemicals in shower water may cause skin irritation and other health problems. iSpring’s unique combination of mineral balls, magnetic energy balls, Vitamin C, KDF, Activated Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, and more are designed to remove chlorine, heavy minerals, and to inhibit the growth of scale, giving you peace-of-mind showering experience.

    Highlight Features

      • - Consistent water pressure.
        - Peace-of-mind showering experience.

      • Chlorine free water protects the tender skins of young children and babies. See your precious little angel giggling as you run crystal clear and clean water off his/her delicate skin.

    • Let morning showers perk you up and make you ready for the day ahead and evening showers wash your troubles away before bed.

    • We offer technical phone support Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern time. Contact our support team for personal assistance in selecting the right system for your water filtration needs. Now, and years from now, we will be right here and ready to help.

    Product Description

    Color: White

    Size: 2 ⅝ x 2 ⅝ x 3 ½ in.

    Net Weight:10 oz

    15-Stage Water Filtration
  • S1:Sand Filter prevents large sediment from entering your water filter
  • S2:High Density Stainless Steel Mesh filters medium-sized sediment and rust
  • S3:PP Cotton captures small sediment, dust, and turpitudes
  • S4:Vitamin C helps nourish skin, hair, and nails
  • S5:Maifan Stones effectively reduce lead, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals
  • S6: Mineralized Balls release revitalizing minerals
  • S7:Magnetic Energy Balls energize water with oxygen
  • S8: Ceramic Balls infuse water with more elements
  • S9:Alkaline Balls balance pH of the water
  • S10:Calcium Sulfite effectively reduces chlorine in both HOT and COLD water
  • S11:KDF-55 removes chlorine and heavy metals
  • S12:Coconut Activated Carbon further reduces, THMs, chlorine, and more
  • S13:Micro-Porous PP Cotton prevents physical debris from entering the water
  • S14:High Density Stainless Steel Mesh prevents dust, dirt, or debris from clogging up
  • S15:Sand Filter creates another layer of protection to capture any remaining solids

    Easy DIY Installation

    The iSpring Shower Filter fits every standard 1/2” shower. It works with handheld, fixed, and rain showerheads. No tools required for installation. Filters last up to 9 months (approx. 14,000 gallons)

    Please Note: You may experience reduced water flow if your source water has high levels of sediment or if you are on well water. It's recommended that you flip the filter cartridge over, flush with hot water to remove sediment and put it back to the original position whenever you notice a reduced flow.
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    • Model: FSF1
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
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