iSpring RCC7P-AK Under Sink 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Filtration System and Water Softener with Alkaline Remineralization, and Pump

  • Alkaline remineralization filter balances pH level.
  • Red mineral stones reintroduce ionized minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.
  • Built in Booster Pump raises low incoming water pressure (<40 PSI).
  • Filters up to 99% of 1,000+ pollutants including chlorine, fluoride, lead and more.
  • European Style Brushed Nickel Faucet.
  • Transparent housing for visual filter monitoring
  • DIY installation process
  • For indoor use only. Extended Manufacturer upon registration, support at 123filter dot com, Atlanta GA USA
  • $319.99
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      The booster pump addresses the problem of low water pressure at the source, bringing the pressure going into the membrane up to the ideal level.
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      The RCC7 line is one of America's top selling brands of water filtration systems. All of our systems go through rigorous testing for air leaks, pressure and cycle resistance to maintain our own quality and performance standards.
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    RCC7P-AK Performance

    The RCC7P-AK is a pressure-boosted, multi-layered filter system that can removes over 1,000 different types of contaminants, including arsenic, asbestos, chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, sodium, and more. Boosting the water pressure helps Reverse Osmosis filter stage increasing water production speed and reducing waste water. This is a suitable option when the home water pressure is low (below 40 PSI).

    3 Pre-filters: PP sediment filter. Carbon KDF (GAC) filter. Carbon block (CTO) filter. They remove large contaminants and protect the RO membrane from chemicals like chlorine and chloramines.

    The heart of the system is the Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter that removes contaminants down to 0.0001 microns – so small that only water molecules can squeeze through but virtually nothing else.

    Fine GAC filter provides final polishing before the filtered water is delivered to the faucet.

    An Alkaline Remineralization filter restores alkaline balance.

    Highlight Features
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        Reinforced Transparent 1st Stage Housing
        Provides a way to visually inspect the sediment filter. With the transparent housing you will know it is time for a filter change before a problem occurs.
      • ro water filter system
        5-Micron, Layered Protection
        The advantage of having both 5-micron GAC & CTO filter is that the loose carbon (GAC) can trapping large contaminants, leaving only smaller ones to the CTO carbon block filter. This allows the CTO filter and RO membrane to function longer.
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      Leak-Free System & Online Supporting Videos
      Push to connect fittings and color coordinated tubings simplify the installation process, and our DIY installation video and customer support are both readily available if needed.
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      Live Phone Support
      We offer technical phone support Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm Eastern time. Contact our expert support team for personal assistance in selecting the right system for your water filtration needs. Now, and years from now, we will be right here and ready to help.

    iSpring alkaline water filter

    Product Description

    The system consists of 6-stage, layered filtration built around reverse osmosis (RO) technology that removes over 1000+ different kinds of contaminants.

    The RCC7P-AK model of the iSpring RCC7 line of products is equipped with a booster pump for situations where inlet/house water pressure is low – below about 40 PSI. Reverse Osmosis requires standard pressure to force the impurities out of the water.

    After flowing through the initial 5 stages of the iSpring RCC7 line of Reverse Osmosis filtering products, the RCC7P-AK model also adds another Alkaline Remineralization (AK) stage. This stage is designed to restore the alkalinity and mineral balance of the water.

    Designed for do-it-yourself installation by most users, the entire system fits under a standard kitchen sink. All parts necessary for installation are included.

    Replacement filters are standard sized. A lead-free, solid brass faucet with brushed nickel finish is included with the system and is usually mounted on the counter as the primary source of drinking water, but output lines can also be connected to your ice maker, coffee maker, etc.

    The whole system is backed by a 1-year money-back guarantee, a 1-year manufacturer warranty and iSpring's lifetime technical support provided right here in the USA in Atlanta Georgia.

    Incoming Water Pressure: 30 PSI - 70 PSI

    Operating water temperature range: 40 – 100 °F

    Maximum TDS: 750 ppm

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    • Model: RCC7P-AK
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
    Scott M. | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    I purchased this RO system and love it. One problem with this system though is that the water delivery rate is pretty pathetic even with a booster pump. That is in large part due to the small tubing that this system utilizes, which really chokes down the flow rate (1/4 inch tubing). I modified it to provide much better water flow/pressure. I purchased the iSpring T20M, the 20 gallon water storage tank, which was a bit pricey, but provides great volume. Next, I used 1/2 inch PEX pipe to plumb from the 20 gallon tank to my kitchen faucet. I inserted a "Tee" into this PEX line from the outlet of the Alkaline Filter to feed/pressurize the 20 gallon tank. I removed the cold water supply from the kitchen faucet, and replaced it with the PEX connection to the 20 gallon tank. That way, when I turn on cold water on my kitchen faucet, I have RO water. The hot water at the kitchen faucet is direct from the well (unfiltered), but I don't drink hot water. Also, with the 1/2 inch PEX, there is no real flow restriction, so the pressure at the tank is the pressure at my faucet, which is pretty good. I also supplied my refrigerator ice maker from this system, and the ice cubes are nice.

    Last, I put in a TDS monitor - my home is on a well, with TDS in the mid 500's, which is not the healthiest water to drink. The TDS measured on the outlet of the RO system is in the upper 20's to low 30's.

    In the future I'm thinking of putting in a small pump in the line with the "Tee" to increase the pressure supplied to the 20 gallon tank. That would give me great pressure at the faucet, but the pressure is pretty good now. I'm also thinking of putting in a small hot water tank on this system to feed the dishwasher. Feeding the dishwasher with RO water would make it last forever.

    Overall, I really like the RO water this system provides, very healthy, and tastes great!

    The Dude | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    Arrived in good order and fairly easy to hook up. I will make a couple of points that is not clearly written in the instructions. One being that you need to push the colored lines all the way into the female end until you feel it "set" into place. This will eliminate any hose leaks once you turn the water on. Second would be to make sure the elbow connections from filters 1,2, and 3 are tight prior to setting up anything. In my set up I had to separate the number 1 filter by removing the small black box (power for motor) then unscrew the 4 set screws and replace the elbow joint as it was leaking substantially after turning on the water. Taking these steps prior will save you a mess and aggravation.
    Now the unit itself is wonderful and water quality prior to set up was 206 ppm and after we are at 40 ppm. This is a significant reduction in harmful pollutants in our water supply. So the filters are doing their job and we are once again off the store bought bottled water. Installation took me about 2 hours from start to finish and I also had to rerun the line to the fridge/ice maker. Overall easy to install and would recommend this unit. If you have any question on your water pressure I would highly recommend getting the this model. I was on the fence due to the added increase in price but the pump has been used since I plugged it in answering my question whether I had enough pressure already or not. These systems need plenty of pressure to operate accordingly so if you have low pressure make the correct choice. Good luck and enjoy a glass of clean water. :-)

    Scott | 3 out of 5 Stars!

    Easy to install, quiet, and efficient. The alkaline filter very little TDS (18) and still leaves the water below 6.4 ph. Adding a second alkaline filter didn't change the results.
    Despite the RO booster pump, these units have a >40psi shut off pressure for the tank(s) which can be a little low for delivery. At the 37 psi I'm getting out of my tank, my ice maker isn't working right. ISpring recommended a second booster pump (that they don't sell) to resolve the low pressure issues. Its a shame, I don't have this problem with the 45 psi used for the input, you should be able to adjust the output pressure.
    Installed in the basement on the floor joists between my sink and refrigerator, and used metal pipe straps to hold the tank between joists which holds it nicely and out of the way. Since its also by the stairs, everything is easy to access. and installation took a little over an hour, which included removing some old filters and running a new line to the sink. I now have the best water ever coming out of both my sink tap and ice cube maker.
    Comes with everything you need for a standard installation, and spare parts - but I would recommend also buying a few shut off valves to make life easier when changing filters.
    Easily expandable if you find you want other features, I added a T before the alkaline filter and added a deionizing filter with a third output for 0 tds aquarium water and cleaning purposes - the possibilities are endless.
    Disclaimer: I did not need to use, or try, the feed line or drain taps, as I used existing ones.

    JCW | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    I've owned my iSpring RO system for a little over a year now and I can say myself and my family are incredibly happy with it! It makes a significant difference in water quality and we love the taste. Changing the filters is pretty easy and seeing how nasty my sediment filter is after ~8 months really makes me grateful I have this filter (and that's just one stage!). The pump also isn't very loud and doesn't bother me any and even if it was it doesn't run all that much for us.

    We're on city water that isn't great quality and you can't tell at all after the water's been filtered. Before the system I usually see ~400ppm, but after filter it's usually right around 20ppm. My filters are due to be changed based on the 6 month recommendation, but I just did a quick test and still seeing the 20ppm along with the taste I expect. Last time around I changed my filters around when I started noticing the water taste a bit different and that was at around 8 months of use.

    I'm super happy with the support I've received from iSpring as well. I've reached out to iSpring support twice and both times Nick was super helpful and informative. You can tell they stand behind their product and want to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase. Even going as far as replacing the faucet for me for an issue which I don't necessarily believe is a fault of the product itself but rather my water.

    I reached out about waste water when I first purchased the system too as I was seeing ~4.5 gallons of waste per 1 gallon of filtered water and Nick recommended a permeate pump. I ordered one right away and would definitely recommend anybody that owns an RO system to get one as it improves the overall efficiency of your RO water system. It improves RO efficiency and reduces waste, which in turn reduces the time it takes to fill your jug and also helps to extend RO membrane life. I don't pay much for water in my area so it's not like I'm saving money by reducing waste, but to me just improving the efficiency of something is worth the $50 I paid for my permeate pump ( "Aqua Tec ERP-1000 Permeate Pump" on Amazon).

    I've already recommended this filter to a few people and can say that 2 of them are now owners of an iSpring filter and seem to be as happy with their purchase as I am. I will gladly continue to recommend this to friends and family and if I'm ever in the market for another water filter I will gladly buy another iSpring filter.


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