iSpring WSP50GR - Reusable Spin Down Sediment Water Filter (50 Micron w/Scraper & 360°Head)

  • Stainless steel mesh filter screen rated at 50 Micron. Double threads on both ends: 1inch MNPT and 3/4 inch FNPT, 1/4" flush out fitting included.
  • Flushable and reusable, takes the considerable workload off finer filters that follow behind it; helps create a multi-layer gradient filtration system for better filtration results and longer filter life.
  • System can be installed in any direction thanks to the 360° rotatable head connection.
  • The steel mesh filter cartridge and housing can be easily cleaned by rotating the scraper, saving time and effort on routine maintenance.
  • Lifetime support from iSpring in Alpharetta, GA at (678) 261-7611
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    • built-in scraper filter
      The WSP series spin down sediment filter is the first line defense to your appliances. It protects and extends the life of your standard filters by removing the large dirt, sand, and rust particles before they reach the rest of your plumbing system, including water softeners and expensive appliances.

      The WSP series is flushable and reusable. It is recommended to flush it regularly (daily or weekly), depending on the water usage, sediment amount and the hardness level. However, as hardness tends to form hard scale that clogs the screen, simple flushes may not be sufficient. When necessary, remove the stainless steel cartridge and clean it with a brush and/or soak it in vinegar.
    • spin down sediment filter
      Water softeners and whole house systems usually do not lower the TDS level of the water. An additional Reverse Osmosis system may be necessary for your drinking water. Please consult iSpring professionals prior to purchase if you are unsure of which product will meet your needs.

    Make The Right Choice
    • water filter for well water
      WSP Filtration Guideline
      The WSP spin down sediment filter comes with a variety of options in micron size.
      Smaller microns allow less through, but to get most life and efficiency out of your filters it’s important to only go as small as you need. Differences in water quality and your water pressure affect the performance of the WSP.
      So contact our product specialist to get one of the best product recommendations based on your unique situation.
    • inline sediment water filters
      General Filtration Guideline
      Please avoid the mistake of using 'fine' filters for 'rough' water and causing the filters to clog sooner than expected. Well Water may start from 500 to 50 micron, while city water can start from 50 to 5 micron. Choose the right filter cartridges with different micron ratings and filter media depending on source water quality and contaminants. Use multi-stage filters to achieve one of the best filtering result and longer cartridge life.

    sediment water filter

    Product description

    Size:50 Micron

    The WSP spin down sediment filter is ideal for filtering out course sediment. The stainless steel screen makes the flushing and cleaning process very simple, allowing flushing of the contaminants through the bottom of the filter when the cartridge begins to get clogged. This allows the stainless steel filter cartridge to be used over and over again without needing to be replaced. The 1 inch outlet MNPT fitting provides a maximum 20 gpm flow rate, and the WSP-50 also features 3/4 inch NPT threads on the inlet and outlet.

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    • Model: WSP50GR
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
    A cust | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    I received the item quickly for my project to renovate our home water system and after opening, inspecting to ensure all items were present, I was concerned about the weight of the item. The filter is made well, but is heavy. So, in planning for the install of this item, I would recommend some type of bracket be made for this filter for future installers to make the installation better and more durable over the longer term. I ended up using stand-offs to secure my lines, and where this filter is mounted, I used two, one above and one below, and it seems relatively stable and durable with that. I did experience leaks at the SharkBite fittings; however, this was my own fault and I should have used both connection paste and the included Teflon tape together. Wherever I did not, I experienced some small leaks in my new system, and so I would highly recommend to anyone doing this type of project to use both on any threaded connections, as that worked best. No leaks were noted in the unit itself, or at the rotating head, which surprised me. No real pressure drops were noted and I have three gauges in my system, one at the pressure tank manifold, one at the input to the iSpring WGB21B 2-Stage Whole House Water, and I would see those drops, I think. I only noticed about a 5-psi difference between supply and output pressures. However, I did not use ¾” lines in my setup and used 1” lines throughout until it meets the house system which does reduce to ¾” at that point. So far, and it has only been about three days now, but the filter is performing as described in my system. For the manufacturer, I would add a bracket kit.

    TT | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    We live in the Ottawa area on the eastern extremity of the Canadian Shield where the subterranean water courses are very rich in iron, this manifests as ferrous oxide together with sediment in our well water. I installed the WSP50GR in March 2020 as a pre-filter to extend the life of our water softener. iSpring provide access to the manual online so preparation for installation was easy. Installation is a breeze using conventional fittings for Pex, copper, CPVC, etc. I read the manual and got the correct parts for my specific installation ahead of time. If you choose to have a plumber do the installation he or she will probably enjoy the job, it’s that easy. I reconfigured our filtration layout in December to add an oxidizing iron filter and changed the orientation of the WSP50GR ports from the original horizontal to vertical, it works very well in either position. Once installed there is a small amount of movement possible between the filter body and the mounted flange that is accommodated through the ‘O’ ring seals. The movement is to allow for changing the filter body orientation. There is no movement during operation and no leakage. Observing material on the filter is easy as is using the scraper to dislodge the stubborn stuff.From March to October the unit gave excellent service when I back-flushed it every two days and used the scraper approximately every four days. Beginning late in December I noticed that the unit was plugging prematurely. The cause appears to be a lot of new home construction in our area with associated well drilling. Once I removed the mesh, cleaned it with hot soapy water and air dried it we had full pressure again. Because the mesh cleaning is now required so frequently I wanted to increase the filtration mesh size from the standard 50 micron to 100 micron for the construction period. I contacted iSping to ask if this was possible and if so to request the substitute part number. I received immediate and excellent assistance from Richard in their customer support department. I did a lot of research before choosing the WSP50GR and made a good choice. The unit is easy to install, works very well and could not be easier to service. The unit gauge allows water exit pressure to be monitored and compared with well pump pressure. I have provided a picture of the install and the flow diagram for explanation.

    Allen Howard | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    picked up a couple of Sharkbite 3/4” male NPT fittings and a couple of 3/4” Sharkbite ball valves and finished the install in 15 minutes. Installation steps were... 1. Turned off the main water supply.2. Opened the nearest faucet to drain as much water as possible.3. Cut the existing 3/4 copper pipe. Used a bucket to catch any residual water in the line.4. Teflon taped the MNPT fittings5. Decided that I didn’t need the supplied bracket to support the unit. I can install it later, if needed. Right now, the bracket holds the wrench.6. The unit allowed me to turn it 180° to match my water flow direction.7. Put it all together on the line.8. Turned the main back on along with the new valves.9. Recorded a baseline pressure/flow reading from the unit’s gauge to know when it’s time to flush and scrape it.10. Done!I debated which mesh, 50 micron or 100 micron, would be the best fit for my well water. Decided on the 100 micron. A few days after install I noticed that the mesh wasn’t catching a lot of material while my whole house filter down the line was getting slammed, so I emailed Don in customer service. He was responsive and professional, even during the holidays and the pandemic! He let me know that he was sending me out a 50 micron mesh to fix the problem. Great customer service, iSpring!I really like this spin down with built-in scraper unit although I wish I could have afforded the automatic one. I really don’t want my wife with her bad back having to go in to the crawl space to service the unit. Either way, I’m thinking about tying this in to my drain which is about 10 feet away. The 5 gallon bucket works fine, for now, though. Overall, I’m very happy with the product and the customer service.

    Anthony Shaffer | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    Works as advertised. Fast shipping,

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