How frequently do I have to change the filter?

FP15: 3-12 months; FC15: 6-12 months; but it will depend on your daily usage and feed water quality.

What’s the water flow?

Different from most inline water filters, the RV water filter will not restrict the water flow.

Will the system work with my current water pressure?

This system requires an operating pressure of 45-70 psi.

Does this system reduce Fluoride & Arsenic? Does it reduce TDS?

Only a Reverse Osmosis system can reduce TDS, Arsenic and Fluoride.

Is there a warranty for this system?

Your iSpring CW31 system is backed by a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty and Lifetime technical support.

Is it exclusive for RVs?

No, it has multiple uses. Pet bathing, RV, Camping, Gardening and Boats.

How do I store it between camping trips?

Remove the filters and let them dry. Store the filters and canisters in a fresh and clean place.

What size are the inlet and outlet fittings?

It has built-in 3/4-inch GHT quick-connectors on both ends, inserting the standard water hose directly, no assembly required. The quick connectors can save a lot of time in installing the water pipes.