iSpring WSP50ARB Reusable Spin-down Sediment Water Filter with Scraper and Touch-Screen Auto Flushing, 50 Micron, 35 GPM, 1-MNPT, 3/4-inch FNPT

  • Flushable and reusable. Used to create a multi-layer gradient filtration system taking considerable workload off finer filters that follow it and result in a longer filter life. As a larger, upgraded version of WSP series, WSP50ARB filters out particulate, sediment, rust, and floating objects.
  • Pressure-resistant and durable materials: lead-free brass machine head, 50-micron food grade stainless steel mesh filter screen, and explosion-proof transparent housing. Easy installation. No welding or glue needed. Works well with copper, PEX, and CPVC pipes.
  • System can be installed in any direction thanks to the 360° rotatable head connection.
  • Integrated Auto Flushing Module(dual power supply) with scraper saves time and effort on routine maintenance. Choose from auto, semi-auto, and manual on HD touch screen to enable the system to flush automatically on a preset schedule.
  • Provide a maximum flow rate of 35 GPM. Two types of threads on both two ends of connectors: 1-inch MNPT and 3/4-inch FNPT or 3⁄4-inch push-fit plumbing fittings. Parts included: two ¾” push-fit plumbing fittings, 1 power adapter, 1 circlip, 3 AA batteries for touch-screen Auto Flushing Module
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 1-year manufacturer warranty. Lifetime tech support from iSpring in Alpharetta, GA at (678) 261-7611.
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    • The WSP50ARB spin-down sediment filter is a central water filtration pre-filter to protect your terminal equipment and appliances such as downstream pipelines, water purifiers, water heaters, wall-hung boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, and showerheads. It protects and extends the life of your standard filters by removing the large dirt, sand, and rust particles before they reach the rest of your plumbing system.

      An integrated Auto Flushing Module enables the system to flush automatically on a preset schedule. Use the HD touch screen to adjust flushing frequency, ranging from 1-99 days, and flush runtime(choose from 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 seconds). Thanks to its size(nearly double the size of our WSP50 series) and auto flushing module(easy maintenance), WSP50ARB takes water filtration as well as plumbing and appliances protection to the next level.

    • Water softeners and whole house systems usually do not lower the TDS level of the water. An additional Reverse Osmosis system may be necessary for your drinking water. Please consult iSpring professionals prior to purchase if you are unsure of which product will meet your needs.

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    • Easy Maintenance
      The WSP50ARB filter is self-cleaning and reusable. A toggle switch allows particles and contaminant buildup trapped in the filter to be flushed out without having to shut down the water supply first. The system is preset to flush for 15 seconds every 15 days.It is recommended to flush at least once a week for 30 seconds each time, depending on the water usage, sediment amount, and the hardness level in your source water. It is recommended to clean the filter cartridge after it has been used continuously for 8-12 months. Simply remove the stainless steel filter mesh and clean it with a brush or soak it in vinegar.

    • General Filtration Guideline
      Please avoid the mistake of using 'fine' filters for 'rough' water and causing the filters to clog sooner than expected. Well Water may start from 500 to 50 micron, while city water can start from 50 to 5 micron. Choose the right filter cartridges with different micron ratings and filter media depending on source water quality and contaminants. Use multi-stage filters to achieve one of the best filtering result and longer cartridge life.

    Product description

    Size:50 Micron

    TThe iSpring WSP50ARB spin-down sediment filter with scraper and auto flushing module is an ideal safeguard prefiltration system. It filters out particulate, sediment, rust, floating objects and other pollutants in water. Serving as a central water filtration pre-filter, the iSpring WSP50ARB protects terminal equipment and appliances such as downstream pipelines, water purifiers, water heaters, wall-hung boilers, dishwasher, washing machines, and shower heads. Its featured Auto Flushing Module enables the system to flush automatically on a preset schedule, making flushing and maintenance time-saving and effortless. Use the HD touch screen to adjust flushing frequency, ranging from 1-99 days, and flush runtime(choose from 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 seconds). To fit different plumbing sizes, the unit comes with two types of threads on both ends of the connectors: 1-inch MNPT and 3/4-inch FNPT. Install the system in a dry indoor environment away from heat sources. Ideally, pair WSP50ARB with iSpring Whole House Water Filtration Systems, such as the WGB21B/WGB12B/WGB32B series, and iSpring UV Water Filter(UVF55) for the increased benefits of a complete set of iSpring POE(Point of Entry) water filtration solutions. Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year manufacturer warranty, and lifetime support line (678-261-7611) from Alpharetta, GA.

    Mesh pore rating: 50 micron
    Dry weight: 4 lb 4 oz
    Dimensions: 13.8 in. (L) x 5 in. (W) x 4 in. (D)
    Flow Rate: 22-35 GMP
    Feed Water Temperature: 40 - 100 °F
    Water pressure range: 20 - 140 psi
    Power for Module: 100-240V 5V/1A or 3x AA Battery

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    • Model: WSP50ARB
    • Manufacturer: iSpring
    lc | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    We have really bad water that has bentonite clay in it from our well water. They are doing lots of residential housing and land development in our area and the aquifer seems to be much "dirtier" than usual. We were replacing two 5 micron cartridge filters every week. These cartridges cost anywhere from $25-$30 each and we have to keep several in stock so they get expensive quickly.NOTE: In the pictures, the water flow is from right to left so the first filter is the one closest to the iSpring filter.We installed the iSpring filter according to the instructions but made 2 modifications. Instead of using the 3/4 inch Sharkbite fittings that came with the filter, I used 1 inch Sharkbite fittings to match our 1 inch pipes. Instead of using the supplied 1/4 inch drain out of the bottom of the iSpring filter, I wedged a 1.5 inch vacuum hose into the bottom of the housing which allows the filter to discharge and remove more debris faster.Our filter cartridges would get so plugged that the water pressure would drop to 10-15 psi and we had to change at least 1 cartridge and sometimes both just to take a shower.After putting in the iSpring filter, it had been several weeks and the first cartridge was pretty full of loose debris but the pressure was still in the 40-50 psi range. After changing the first filter and waiting a few days, the water pressure dropped to 0 psi on both filter housings. The pressure gauge at the water pump from the well was at 50 psi. You can see in the movie that you can rotate the housing to loosen up any debris on the iSpring filter mesh. I did not have any buildup so nothing came off. I put a shutoff valve just before the iSpring filter which turned out to be very convenient. When I turned on the discharge valve at the bottom of the iSpring filter, you can see the reason why the pressure was at 0 psi, the iSpring 50 micron filter mesh was completely clogged. I used the main shutoff valve to send water into the iSpring and then turned it off to send water from the first filter cartridge back to the iSpring filter. This turbulence allowed the buildup of debris to loosen up and flush out the bottom of the iSpring filter housing.After a month, I have only had to change 1 filter cartridge.NOTE: I have been turning on the iSpring discharge filter manually 1-2 times a day. I could probably go a few days but it is so easy to just turn it on for a few seconds and watch the debris slide off the filter mesh and into the bucket. I haul out the bucket once a week to pour into the landscaping. It is much easier, faster, and cheaper than turning off the water and changing filter cartridges. I am not using the automatic timer unit yet but I hope to figure out a good pattern and since I have a plugin nearby, it will be handy to use whenever I go on vacation.You can take the iSpring housing off to clean the metal filter mesh. This can take a while because you want to be careful no to damage the metal mesh. I contacted Nick at 123filter.com and he send me a replacement filter mesh. I wish they were available to purchase. I clean the metal filter mesh with Fast Orange microgel and a very soft toothbrush. The Fast Orange helps the bentonite clay come out of the metal mesh and cleans up almost like new as you can see in the photos. With the replacement filter mesh I got from Nick, I can replace the filter mesh with a clean one and take my time cleaning the dirty one.

    Ali Garza | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    I purchased the iSpring WSP100ARB Spin Down Sediment Water Filter in hopes to solve a sediment problem I was having on my irrigation system. I have a copious amount of sediment coming from my well. The sediment was keeping my valves from closing and causing my sprinklers heads to have a constant leak.
    I found the installation of this product to be super simple. Everything you need for installation is included. Once installed the filter did exactly as advertised. Unfortunately for me it worked a little too well. Due to the high amount of sediment coming from my well the 100 micron filter would clog in a matter of minutes, completely cutting off the water supply to the irrigation system.
    I decided to call customer service. I talked to Nick, the customer service representative, and explained what was going on with my particular situation. He was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to answer my questions and point me in the right direction. He suggested I go up to a 200 or 500 micron filter, in hopes to block the larger sediment that is actually clogging my valves and let the smaller sediment thats is clogging the 100 micron filter through.
    Im currently waiting to receive the 500 micron filter to see if it will solve the problem. No matter the outcome I can’t say enough about the customer service and the product itself. It actually exceeded expectations and I believe for normal use this product will definitely do the trick.

    Sample girl | 5 out of 5 Stars!

    The product is very well designed and manufactured, user documentation in the package is inadequate. The product appears to be available in four versions, two different particle sizes (50 and 100 um) and manual or auto flush. This model reviewed is for the auto flush and 50 um. The package included 3/4" quick disconnect fitting for inlet and outlet, but product is machined for 1" female connectors (not included) for those with optimized flow rate and deep pockets in mind. The automatic flush module has a visible on/of button, which when pushed lights up the touch screen buttons. The filter screen is scraped with a manually turned knob, which removes most sediment which did not spin-down. If water source demands, the clear plastic housing is removable with provided wrench to access the filter screen assemble. That screen can be brushed inside and out to remove that fine sediment. I found a great YouTube video covering this unit, which included why one needs to do it and would want to do so.

    The manual provided is lacking any images of the automatic flush module display screen. I was unable to reach anyone during the day at which I needed help. The company got back to me as a result of my first Amazon review explained the phone support issue was caused by Covid-19 and their work from home response. Their call answering system is ringing busy instead of recording messages.

    In summary, the design, materials and manufacturing is excellent. The documentation included, website and customer support by telephone is a challenge. This is an excellent product, which I recommend, but also strongly suggest acquiring supplementary video tutorial links and user documentation prior to you attempt to use the system. The company has a very helpful video at this webpage.


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