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  • Is My Water Safe to Drink?

    Posted On 06/07/2021 By iSpring Water Systems

    Is My Water Safe to Drink?

    Over 15 million U.S. households rely on private, household wells for drinking water. The well water we use to bathe, cook, and drink typically comes from sources such as reservoirs, lakes, rivers, or streams. The problem with these outdoor water sources is that there is no protection against dangerous pollutants infiltrating the water, such as dirt, iron, sulfur, lead, algae, etc.. Even if you are using city water regulated by EPA, your water supply is usually treated with chlorine, chloramines and fluoride...

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  • How To Test My Water Quality – Everything You Need to Know

    Posted On 06/07/2021 By Don Huie

    How To Test My Water Quality – Everything You Need to Know

    Did you know that a recently published report found more than 22 carcinogens in tap water? This included by-products of radionuclides like radium and uranium, water disinfectants, and arsenic! So how exactly do you find out if the water is safe in your home? While it may take a bit of money, effort, and time, it's worth doing to know the condition of your water.  

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  • How to get filtered water in your apartment

    Posted On 05/13/2021 By iSpring Water Systems

    How to get filtered water in your apartment

    Having access to clean water to drink and cook with is crucial for your health and well-being, but what are your options when you rent your home? You might not be able to control what type of water you have access to, but you can control what type of water you put in your body. 

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  • Small Business Water Filter Solutions

    Posted On 04/29/2021 By iSpring Water Systems

    Small Business Water Filter Solutions

    How important is the quality of your ingredients to the success of your small business? How much time and consideration do you put into choosing the types of coffee you serve at your coffee shop? How many iterations does your microbrewery go through to perfect the taste of your beer? Isn’t it imperative that the core ingredient to any recipe, the water you are using, be the purest, freshest ingredient you have?

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  • Tank VS Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water System - Which is the best?

    Posted On 03/04/2021 By iSpring Water Systems

    Tank VS Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water System - Which is the best?

    If you drink municipal city water your tap water is regulated by EPA standards and local city ordinances, however, many reports, including analysis from the Environmental Working Group, consider these standards much too lenient. If you drink well water, you likely already know that you are responsible for testing and treating your water.

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  • Tips on How to Install a Reverse Osmosis System

    Posted On 07/24/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

    Clean and safe water is a necessity, but repeatedly buying bottles of water from the grocery store is expensive and bad for the environment too. Even bottles that are tossed in the recycling bin are still contributing to plastic waste and pollution. Investing in a reverse osmosis system is...

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  • How to Choose the Best Shower Filter

    Posted On 06/10/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

    Taking a shower is such a calming, refreshing experience. Nothing beats the peace that a shower brings at the end of a hot, stressful day. Unfortunately this experience can be ruined by hard water and water with too many contaminants. Not only will your shower get clogged from time to time,...

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  • Safe Drinking Water: The Importance of a Water Filter System

    Posted On 05/14/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

    Safe Drinking Water: The Importance of a Water Filter System

    Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and India produced many of humanity's greatest achievements. These civilizations served as the cradle for discoveries and innovations that still benefit us today. They created outstanding contributions to literature, science, law, and mathematics that continue to...

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  • What is a TDS Meter

    Posted On 10/30/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    What is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in Water

    A TDS Meter delivers accurate TDS readings informing you of the concentration of completely dissolved particles in the water. Dissolved particles refers to salts, minerals, metals, and other organic matter. The quality of water is affected by many...

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  • Mild Alkaline Water

    Posted On 10/24/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    Drinking mild alkaline water is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of improving human body acid constitution. It helps our organs detox, boosts our metabolism, and helps our body excrete wastes. Drinking mild alkaline water can also decrease our likelihood of becoming sick.

    What is...

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