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  • Tank VS Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water System - Which is the best?

    Posted On 03/04/2021 By iSpring Water Systems

    Tank VS Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water System - Which is the best?

    If you drink municipal city water your tap water is regulated by EPA standards and local city ordinances, however, many reports, including analysis from the Environmental Working Group, consider these standards much too lenient. If you drink well water, you likely already know that you are responsible for testing and treating your water.

    Even if you are comfortable with EPA standards your tap water is likely picking up additional contaminants such as lead and pesticide runoff as it flows from the city’s treatment facility to your home.

    The most common water containment is one introduced by your local water treatment facility: Chlorine. Chlorine is highly toxic and is used as a cheap but effective way to prevent bacteria from causing waterborne diseases and illnesses. Unfortunately, chlorine also introduces trihalomethanes (THMs) into our water. THMs are known to increase your risk of asthma, bladder cancer, and heart disease.

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  • Tips on How to Install a Reverse Osmosis System

    Posted On 07/24/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

    Clean and safe water is a necessity, but repeatedly buying bottles of water from the grocery store is expensive and bad for the environment too. Even bottles that are tossed in the recycling bin are still contributing to plastic waste and pollution. Investing in a reverse osmosis system is...

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  • How to Choose the Best Shower Filter

    Posted On 06/10/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

    Taking a shower is such a calming, refreshing experience. Nothing beats the peace that a shower brings at the end of a hot, stressful day. Unfortunately this experience can be ruined by hard water and water with too many contaminants. Not only will your shower get clogged from time to time,...

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  • Safe Drinking Water: The Importance of a Water Filter System

    Posted On 05/14/2020 By iSpring Water Systems

    Safe Drinking Water: The Importance of a Water Filter System

    Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and India produced many of humanity's greatest achievements. These civilizations served as the cradle for discoveries and innovations that still benefit us today. They created outstanding contributions to literature, science, law, and mathematics that continue to...

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  • What is a TDS Meter

    Posted On 10/30/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    What is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in Water

    A TDS Meter delivers accurate TDS readings informing you of the concentration of completely dissolved particles in the water. Dissolved particles refers to salts, minerals, metals, and other organic matter. The quality of water is affected by many...

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  • Mild Alkaline Water

    Posted On 10/24/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    Drinking mild alkaline water is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of improving human body acid constitution. It helps our organs detox, boosts our metabolism, and helps our body excrete wastes. Drinking mild alkaline water can also decrease our likelihood of becoming sick.

    What are...

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  • Safe Drinking Water 101

    Posted On 10/15/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    Statistics show that 90% of people have little knowledge regarding the qualities of safe drinking water. Humans can live up to 6 weeks without food but rarely survive more than 7 days without water. Clean, healthy water is crucial to our ability to survive.

    What are the standards for safe...

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  • How Harmful Can the Residual Chlorine in Tap Water Be?

    Posted On 10/08/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    Chlorine is a commonly used disinfectant in the treatment of domestic tap water due to chlorine’s competitive market price. Chlorine does an excellent job of disinfecting bacteria, microorganisms, organic matter, inorganic substances, and other harmful chemicals, however not all of the...

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  • Why Reverse Osmosis Water is Acidic?

    Posted On 11/05/2018 By iSpring Water Systems

    Ro water is nearly pure water, which has neutral pH of 7.

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