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Portland Continues to Combat Water Crisis

Posted On 11/07/2023 By iSpring Water Systems
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Many U.S. citizens whose water is sourced from a municipal water supply make the assumption that their drinking water is safe due to it undergoing treatment that meets state and federal regulations. However, these are not always safe assumptions. 


Many across the nation are not only drinking water with pollutants, but some are consuming water with dangerous toxins such as lead. It was uncovered seven years ago that residents in Flint, Michigan has high levels of lead in their water. This water crisis gained national attention and came with an outcry for a solution by residents. 


Communities in Portland, Oregon have been facing a similar problem for decades. Many residents’ water is riddled with lead and little has been done to prevent water from containing such a dangerous toxin. Accoding to the Oregon Capital Chronicle, since the 90s, Portland has exceeded the federal action level for lead in drinking water 11 times. Each time, the bureau was required to remove some known sources of lead in the distribution system. However, a solution to entirely prevent lead inclusion has not been made. 


With these two communities’ stories coming to light, it has caused many to reconsider how safe their city’s drinking water truly is. Although you may have a false sense of security because your water source is regulated, the most common way lead finds its way into drinking water is by corroded plumbing that contains lead, which is something we cannot see or test if the water is passing through the lead pipes after treatment. While some of the responsibility lies on the homeowner to ensure their pipes are safe, cities must be proactive and reactive if lead pipes are discovered.  


No level of lead is safe for drinking water, and consumption of water containing lead poses serious health concerns. Children and those in utero are at the highest risk. As the EPA points out, “In children, low levels of exposure have been linked to damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, learning disabilities, shorter stature, impaired hearing, and impaired formation and function of blood cells.” This is an alarming fact that caused many to raise serious concerns about even trace amounts of lead in their drinking water. 


Lead can also negatively impact pregnant women by reducing the growth of the fetus and by causing premature birth. Lead is also dangerous for adults and can cause them to suffer cardiovascular effects, decreased kidney function, and reproductive problems. 


While the city officials in Portland have been aware of the issue for several decades, they have been negligent in providing a solution to protect its citizens. This is disproportionately affecting pregnant women, children, and communities of color. While the Environmental Protection Agency Lead and Copper Rule makes every attempt to protect citizens from dangers in drinking water, the only way to guarantee you and your loved ones are drinking safe water is to take matters into your own hands. 


One way to do this is to install a water filtration system in your home. This will allow you an affordable way to have peace of mind and rest assured that toxins are being removed from your water. 


iSpring has a variety of systems that allow you to remove lead and other dangerous contaminants from your water. However, three of our recommended systems are the RO500-BN, RCD100, and US21B. 


Our RO500-BN is a state-of-the-art, reverse osmosis system that removes up to 1000 contaminants, including lead (up to 98%). This filter also 

  1. features a two-in-one composite sediment and carbon block filter, a second-stage advanced RO membrane, and a third-stage carbon block filter to enhance the taste
  2. removes TDS, limescale, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium, and other dangerous contaminants lurking in your water with its powerful RO membrane 
  3. has an exceptional pure water to waste water ratio(up to 2:1), saving water waste by up to 400% compared to a traditional RO system
  4. produces up to 0.4 gallons per minute and up to 500 gallons of filtered water per day


Another exceptional option to enjoy pure drinking water is our RCD100. This filter is a reverse osmosis free-standing filtered water dispenser that is perfect for providing your home or office with high-quality, filtered water. This filtration system offers users several dynamic features such as  

  1. a large-capacity water tank that holds 1.3 gallons of water (or 20 cups), which is significantly sizeable compared to competitors
  2. an innovative wastewater circulation technique that enhances filtration performance, achieving a remarkable and unbeatable up to 2.5:1 pure-to-drain water ratio
  3. a revolutionary instant heating function that quickly allows a customized experience by providing four temperature settings that will ensure you have the perfect temperature water for everything from a baby’s bottle to your morning cup of coffee
  4. a self-cleaning mode to keep your system in optimal working condition
  5. a smart panel display that offers a real-time temperature display, low water level reminders, and allows for easy filter monitoring that provides reminders when a replacement is needed, providing a complete picture of the filtration status 
  6. employs convenience features to enhance the user experience including a twist-and-lock design for effortless filtration replacement, an energy-saving mode, a child safety lock, and quiet operation


Finally, another option that will remove lead and other heavy metals from your drinking water with it’s first stage KDF+GAC filter is our US21B ultrafiltration water filter. Additionally, this filter

  1. removes up to 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, lead, mercury, and many other heavy metals and tackles problems like turbidity, cloudiness, colors, bad taste, and odors(e.g. hydrogen sulfide that smells like rotten eggs)


  1. equipped with a KDF+GAC filter that is comprised of organic coconut shell activated carbon and works to remove odor and improve taste while also reducing chlorine
  2. comes with two 24-inch direct connect hoses that connect the system to the existing under sink incoming water supply and the cold water line of your kitchen faucet.


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