Water's Good

  • Customer Review - Best Tasting Water!

    Posted On 09/30/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

    We've had this for 6 months now and I've connected it to our ice machine. Our water (and ice), taste BETTER than bottled water! Even alkaline bottled water! As you'll hear in my video, (pardon my dirty dishes - too busy with my YouTube channel to wash them ;-) - Shameless plug - 100...

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  • Why Reverse Osmosis Water is Acidic?

    Posted On 11/05/2018 By iSpring Water Systems

    RO water is nearly pure water, which has neutral pH of 7.

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  • PFAS Are Harmful But Are Still Removable

    Posted On 12/31/1969 By iSpring Water Systems

    GEORGIA Chattahoochee Riverkeeper officials said they discovered seven species of "forever chemicals" in the Chattahoochee River and some of Atlanta's drinking water. According to a Waterkeeper Alliance study, these chemicals, also known as polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances or...

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