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Customer Review - best money I spent on myself and my family

Posted On 09/30/2019 By iSpring Water Systems

This is a very good RO system. Easy to install. Yes I installed it myself. I had a slight issue while installing to figure out a fitting to the under sink water line. I sent a message to the seller and they were very nice and helpful. In fact they eagerly shipped me extra parts. Needed no tools for basic install (hands are good enough. Maybe you need a little help from your nails :) ). Make sure to drain the carbon filters before the RO before you put in the RO membrane. This would ensure that the carbon wash doesn't clog the RO membrane. If I were to do it again I would assemble the 3 pre filters (washed in sink and maybe treated as you would a brita filter), add the carbon filter, not install the RO and alkalinity stages and run the water for 3 minutes for a wash. then install the RO membrane and alkaline stages. The quick connect tubing is so easy to connect and disconnect that you can afford to connect few stages and then change easily. However, I bought a bosch 1/2 inch diamond drill bit from amazon to drill a hole in granite. (kitchen countertop). I also bought a refrigerator RO kit to run a line to my fridge. (For this you need to drill holes into your kitchen cabinets to run the pipe to the refrigerator. Also, make sure that your fridge pressure rating (PSI) matches that of the output from the RO. (some ice makers require certain PSI minimum).

I tested the water with a test kit and I am extremely happy with the results. If you test before the alkalinity stage the water has almost 0 ppm and after alkalinity mine has 25 ppm. Also no chlorine or copper (my supply had traces of those).

One of my friend's had an APEC RO and suggested that I should get one too. I finally thought of buying last thanks giving and have installed it last Decemeber. So, the review is after a couple of months of use.

Finally, the water tastes so good that we drink less of the aerated drinks now. Wife and kids are extremely happier drinking this water and we feel its healthy too (apart from the tests).

Look at photos:
1. water test strip (I know its hard to understand the colors specially without the reference strip but believe me its good. just has alkalinity. The ph however is low which I think that my test kit doesnt measure properly.)
2. see finished sink faucet.
3. under sink RO placement. I didn't mount it but you can mount. the mounting holes are there but you would need proper fasteners for where you are mounting. Note however that I keep all pipe connections on the open cabinet side so I can easily change/repair/replace/inspect.
4. photo of the pipe to my refrigerator (this pipe kit is not included with this buy but you can buy separately). Note the holes at the back of the cabinet that you would have to drill. Also, note that you may choose to drill at the top of the cabinet. Most recommendations I think are to drill at top of cabinet but I chose bottom for convenience and also easy to inspect.
5. Video with the ad hoc stuff I did. Not explained clearly and professionally but maybe it helps someone. (or maybe not)

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