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Why You Need a Whole House Water Filtration System

Posted On 10/08/2019 By iSpring Water Systems
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As our knowledge and standards for healthy water have improved, smaller household water purifiers are increasingly becoming insufficient in meeting our expectations. This has resulted in increased demand for larger, more comprehensive water appliances, such as whole house water filtration systems.

Rust, sediment, and other large particles enter our body directly through our drinking water. These harmful substances can also enter our body in indirect ways as well. More people are realizing the importance of purified water usage in our daily life. The water we use for activities such as doing laundry, cooking, washing dishes, brushing teeth, showering, and many other daily activities that we use our tap water for can also increase the chances of absorbing toxic materials from our water.

Research data by the World Health Organization shows that harmful substances in the water invade the human body mainly through the following three ways:

  • 1/3 - through drinking water
  • 1/3 - absorbed through our skin
  • 1/3 - through water atomization or water vapor inhalation

  • You may wonder how harmful substances can be absorbed through human skin. During showers harmful materials are absorbed through the open pores of our skin causing rashes, spots, and other skin problems. Our skin's absorption rate is about 60% - 70%, and water that is absorbed by our skin goes directly to our organs through our bloodstreams. This can be even more harmful than drinking unfiltered water because enzymes in our saliva and stomach help break down the damaging chemicals and flush them out before our body can absorb them. While toxic material absorbed by our skin does not go through this detoxifying process.

    iSpring Whole House Water Filtration systems are here to protect you and your family against impurities in the water. Check out our website at www.123filter.com for more information on our whole house water filtration series!

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